How to copy a crosshair in VALORANT

How to copy a crosshair in VALORANT
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31st Jul 2023 17:04

You should learn how to copy a crosshair in VALORANT, as sometimes you'll come across players with the perfect crosshair for you, and it may be worth testing it out for a few games.

VALORANT puts more emphasis on raw aim than most first-person shooters, so you'll need a crosshair that compliments you and helps you hit those difficult shots. Thankfully, the game lets you customise your crosshair very easily and even use other players' profiles thanks to a more recent feature. So, take a look at our explanation for how to copy a crosshair in VALORANT.

How to copy a crosshair in VALORANT

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There are a few steps you'll need to take to copy a crosshair in VALORANT. Check out how to do so below:

  • Firstly, you'll need to spectate the other players on your team during a game
  • Locate a teammate with a crosshair you like, as theirs will be shown instead of yours
  • Open the chat and type "/crosshair copy" or "/cc"
  • The crosshair will be imported and saved as a new profile in the settings
  • Select 'Settings', then click 'Crosshair', and then select the new profile from the drop-down

You'll now be able to freely use this crosshair in games while it's selected. You can also adjust the crosshair if you want to alter it slightly to suit your needs. 

While the crosshair copying feature is useful, we suggest looking at the best VALORANT crosshair codes and using the codes that pro players utilise. These are often designed to make your aim better and will improve your performance over time.

As with any new crosshair, you'll want to play a few matches to get used to it or try it out in the shooting range. If you start to see your aim improve, it likely means it's working for you. 

Now you know how to copy a crosshair in VALORANT, and you should be able to try out new crosshairs much easier.

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