How To Copy A Crosshair In VALORANT

How To Copy A Crosshair In VALORANT
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17th Jan 2023 09:51

You should learn how to copy someone's crosshair in VALORANT, as sometimes you'll come across players with the perfect crosshair for you, and it may be worth testing it out for a few games. VALORANT puts more emphasis on raw aim than most first-person shooters, so you'll need a crosshair that compliments you and helps you hit those difficult shots.

Thankfully, the game lets you customise your crosshair very easily and even use other players' profiles, so take a look at our explanation for how to copy someone's crosshair in VALORANT.

How To Copy A Crosshair In VALORANT

How To Copy Someone's Crosshair In Valorant
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The crosshair copying feature was added to VALORANT in patch 5.04 last year, giving players another option for sourcing crosshairs and customising their own. Due to how important your crosshair style is in VALORANT, it's worth experimenting with them to find the one that's perfect for you, and thanks to this feature, it's easier than ever.

To copy someone's crosshair in VALORANT, you'll need to spectate them during a game. When you spectate a player, it shows their crosshair instead of yours, so you can flick through your teammates when you die to see what everyone is working with.

If you manage to find one that you like, and you have a crosshair profile spot open, just type "/crosshair copy" or "/cc". This will import the crosshair and save it as a new profile. If you then head over to the settings menu and click the 'Crosshair' tab, you'll be able to check out the profile, make any adjustments you need, and save it as your current crosshair.

If you do go through this whole process, it's worth trying a few test matches or spending some time in the shooting range to see if the crosshair works for you, as there's no correct crosshair for improving your aim and your mileage will vary.

Now you know how to copy a crosshair in VALORANT, and you should be able to try out new crosshairs much easier.

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