VALORANT Premier: New Competitive Mode Explained

VALORANT Premier: New Competitive Mode Explained
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Tarran Stockton


26th Oct 2022 14:00

The VALORANT Premier mode is a brand-new upcoming competitive mode currently in alpha testing, that's similar to the Clash mode from League of Legends, allowing friends to form teams and fight others in scheduled matches. VALORANT has been out for over two years now, and in that time we've seen new characters, maps, modes, and more. Now it looks like Riot Games are set to expand competitive with the VALORANT Premier mode, so read on below for a full explanation of what it is. 

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VALORANT Premier Explained

VALORANT Premier Explained
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Premier is the next competitive mode that's set to come to VALORANT sometime in the future, and it's getting an alpha test next week. This information comes from a press release by Jon Walker, a designer on the game's competitive team, which details how exactly Premier is set to work. It's worth noting that the alpha that's set to begin next week will only be available to select players in Brazil, and it currently represents only 60% of the planned features for the mode. 


Premier is a mode where players can build a team of five friends and then compete in a season of scheduled matches against teams with similar levels of skill. After creating a team, you will be placed into a division where you and the team can take place in weekly matches and tournaments. The seasons are set to last for a few weeks at a time, and if you perform well, your team can qualify for an end-of-season tournament where you battle to become the Division Champion. 

Not all of the features are confirmed yet, but there are some key differences between this and the normal competitive mode. Firstly, you don't all get individual ranks, but your team will earn Premier score based on match performance, which lets you progress to the playoffs. We don't know exactly how Premier score is calculated yet, but it's likely that you will earn it from wins.

Your team has its own team logo and colours, which can be picked when setting it up to differentiate you from other teams in the division. There is also a map pick and ban system, so you can refine which maps you'll play during scheduled matches or tournaments. 

The overall aim of this new mode is to bring players closer to the feeling of VALORANT esports, but without the need to be a god at the game, as players of any skill can take part in Premier. 

That's all for our explanation of the VALORANT Premier mode, and now you know what features it's set to contain. 

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