Starfield romance guide: Every NPC companion & how to marry them

Starfield romance guide: Every NPC companion & how to marry them
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Morgan Truder


31st Aug 2023 12:54

If you have been playing Starfield, then it may be time you settle down and tie the knot, so here's every NPC companion in the game and how you can marry them.

When exploring the vast, never-ending vistas of space, you’re probably going to want someone to keep you company and eventually even become your significant other. While you’re exploring together, you can check our full mission list to see how far through the game you are, as well as how to visit your dream house and pay off your mortgage

Here is all you need to know about romance in Starfield, including how to marry every significant NPC.

How many companions can you romance in Starfield? 

Starfield companion
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In total, Starfield has 21 different companions you can have to join you on a journey - excluding the generic ones you can hire to help out on your ship. Of those 21 companions, only four can be romanced, which we will cover completely below.

Should you get married in Starfield? 

Will Starfield have romance options?
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Getting married in Starfield isn’t worth it in all honestly. You get an extra perk for sharing a bed with a companion, but otherwise, not a lot else will change.

Some unique dialogue options are unlocked which may be worthwhile if you want to see everything, but it's not something you should worry about going out of your way to do.

Which companions can you marry in Starfield? 

Image of Sarah Morgan in Starfield
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The four characters you can marry are all people who can join you as companions on your journey. You will meet them at different points during the game, but they are all members of Constellation.

Here are all the characters you can marry in Starfield: 

How to get married in Starfield

Sarah Morgan in Starfield
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To get married in Starfield, there are a few steps you’re going to need to follow. Thankfully, it works the same way for each companion.

The primary thing to consider with whom you are choosing to romance is their likes and dislikes, and to keep your decisions in line with their tastes.

The only other thing you need to do is make sure they’re joining you on your adventure as your main companion, and when you’re out exploring you can exhaust their personal dialogue options.

Here's a list of all the things you should do to marry one of the four companions in Starfield:

  • Do what companions like, avoid what they dislike  
  • Make sure you flirt whenever you get the chance 
  • Once the relationship mission becomes available, pursue it. This becomes available by the companion confiding in you regarding a secret 
  • After this mission, you can choose to be a romantic companion
  • Keep on travelling with this companion until they mention your relationship - here, you can propose, which will trigger a commitment quest 
  • All that is left to do is plan your big day and get hitched
  • These are the best ships you should try to unlock in Starfield

Can you get a divorce in Starfield? 

Sarah Morgan Stats in game
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If you do hit a rocky patch, or realise that you may be committed too soon and would prefer to pursue someone else, you can get divorced. You have an option to tell your spouse you're no longer happy in the marriage and kick off the divorce proceedings. Once you divorce an NPC you can’t remarry them later down the line.

That is all there is to know about romance in Starfield. If you need some help with lockpicking we have a complete guide for you here and for all your money needs, why not check out our infinite currency glitch guide? For everything else, take a look at our Starfield guides.

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