Valorant observers stun viewers with omen smoke magic trick

Valorant observers stun viewers with omen smoke magic trick
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Jack Marsh


28th Feb 2023 17:42

We all know that people disappear in a puff of smoke, Harry Houdini made sure this endowment was passed on throughout the generations of magicians.

In the wake of Hogwarts Legacy though, we thought the descendants of another Harry had been using up all the magic that the world has to offer.

However, it appears that there's more magic to go around, and combined with a little bit of Radianite and well-timed Observer skill, VALORANT players are disappearing into a cloud of thin air.

VALORANT players disappear in omen smoke in VCT lock-in

During the VALORANT Champions Tour Lock-In match between 100 Thieves and FUT Esports, the Observers were tuned in to a 100T push through the B-Site on Haven.

Here, Sean "bang" Bezerra had thrown down an Omen smoke on the entrance and began to push through it alongside Peter "Asuna" Mazuryk. The push was highlighted by the Observers' X-Ray tool, outlining the silhouette of the players through walls.

But when inside the smoke, the Observers tapped their magic wand to turn off the X-Ray and onlooking fans expected a peek from the engulfed players. When the smoke disappeared, so had the players, taking a leaf out of the Houdini playbook.

Watching on, popular streamer Tarik 'tarik' Celik said, "What the f**k! Where did they go? That scared me bro, that scared me!" He added, "That's actually cool effects."

VALORANT observers hailed for VCT lock-in magic trick

"It's always fun getting live reactions when I toggle x-ray and make it seem like players vanished out of an omen smoke," said VALORANT Observer David "prius" Kuntz.

The fan who first noticed the disappearing act added, "Whatever Observer turned the X-ray off up mid deserves a raise. That was such a treat to see the smoke dissipate and no one was there with the X-ray off."

100 Thieves' vanishing act was enough to hoodwink FUT to progress to the quarter-finals, but their magic touch has reached its limit against Fnatic, who progressed to the final four.

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