VALORANT Episode 6 Act I: Everything We Know

VALORANT Episode 6 Act I: Everything We Know
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Tarran Stockton


6th Jan 2023 16:59

VALORANT Episode 6 Act I is right around the corner and is set to make big changes to the game by introducing a new map and removing two others from the map pool. VALORANT's episodic content system allows Riot to keep adding fresh content to the game, ranging from new agents that shake up the roster, to new maps that expand the competitive pool. If you're looking forward to the latest episode release and want to know what it set to introduced in the subsequent update, check out everything we know about VALORANT Episode 6 Act I. 

  • While VALORANT Premier likely won't be introduced in the next update, it's expected to debut in 2023, so check out all you need to know about the new competitive mode. 

VALORANT Episode 6 Act I: Start Date

VALORANT Episode 6 Act I has been confirmed to be launching on January 10, meaning players have under a week to go as of writing this. It will begin a day after the previous act ends and the current battlepass expires, and it will also lock in your current competitive rank to mark how high you climbed. 

VALORANT Episode 6 Act I: New Map

VALORANT Episode 6 Act I: New Map
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The release of VALORANT Episode 6 Act I will also see the first new map added to the lineup since the release of Pearl in June 2022. Riot has confirmed that it's called Lotus, and it's set in the Western Ghats of Omega Earth's India, with inspiration from traditional Indian rock-cut architecture, stepwalls, and Dravidian structures.

It's a three site map, much like Haven, meaning it will play very differently from the rest of the maps. Lotus also debuts some new environmental mechanics, such as rotating doors and destructible walls, which will likely see the birth of new tactics exclusive to this map.

With the introduction of this new map, both Breeze and Bind will be removed from the Competitive and Unrated map pools while Split will be added back after six months out of action. You can read more on the map in our primer here.

VALORANT Episode 6 Act I: Battlepass

VALORANT Episode 6 Act I: Battlepass
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Of course, with the latest episode is another battlepass that will run for the duration of the entire act. There's also a new skin line called ARAXYS, which is based on a mysterious alien race and their advanced technology. 

The items in the battlepass will take inspiration from various celebrations taking place around the world, such as traditional New Years, the Lunar New Year, and Valentine's Day. One of the confirmed skin lines in the battlepass is called 9 LIVES, and will allow you to defeat enemies while gazing at adorable cat art. 

That's all the information we have on VALORANT Episode 6 Act I, and now you know about the new map Lotus, along with the theme of the next battlepass.

We also explain how to view your VALORANT match history, which lets you take a trip through memory lane as you look at your previous performances. 

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