VALORANT 6.01 Patch Notes

VALORANT 6.01 Patch Notes
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Joshua Boyles


18th Jan 2023 14:07

Following the launch of VALORANT Chapter 6 Act 1, Riot Games has released a set of 6.01 patch notes for the recent update. While it's only a small patch, there are still plenty of changes that VALORANT players may be excited about. Most of the changes arrive in the form of bug fixes and refining the new map, Lotus. So, keep reading for the full VALORANT 6.01 patch notes.

VALORANT 6.01 Patch Notes

Map Updates

VALORANT 6.01 Patch Notes
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  • The volume for the rotating doors has been reduced while rotating.
  • The Lotus-only queue has been removed.
  • Lotus will now be included in the map rotation for Unrated and Competitive.

Mode Updates


  • Replication has been removed from the Modes queue.
    • Although Riot is shelving Replication temporarily, it is still available via the custom game option.


Bug Fixes

Gameplay Systems

  • Fixed a bug where occasionally the third-person flashed visual indicator on an Agent’s head wasn’t in sync with the actual flash duration. (i.e. Omen’s Paranoia [Q], Phoenix’s Curveball [Q]).
  • Fixed a bug where the Spike would be invisible and attempting to equip the Spike would fail after changing from Defender to Attacker in a Custom Game and picking up the Spike.
  • Fixed a bug where you were unable to plant the Spike after reconnecting to a match where they died while disconnected.
  • Fixed a bug that, while using the Marshall, prevented full reloading between shots if auto-scoping is enabled. Thanks for all the reports on this!



  • There are several bug fixes for Lotus. Thanks to everyone who reported issues! Here are a few highlights:
    • Boost exploit in the back of B Site has been removed.
    • You can no longer get stuck in the rotating doors.
    • Breach can now use abilities on both rotating doors.
    • The destructible door located at A Link now has working vision cones.
    • The Spike can no longer get lost in the back of A Site.
    • Fixed a broken Spike plant spot on A Site.

That's everything that you can expect from the VALORANT 6.01 patch notes. For more VALORANT guides, keep reading GGRecon.

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