Starfield Direct air date, details, how to watch & more

Starfield Direct air date, details, how to watch & more
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Daniel Hollis


27th Mar 2023 12:52

Starfield is one of the year’s most anticipated games, with quite a lot riding on it after Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda. Coupled with the studio’s last huge game, Fallout 4, launching back in 2015, it’s been a long time coming.

With it originally pegged for a release in the first half of this year, eager players can now expect to jump into Starfield in the second half of 2023. Until then, players will have to settle with the upcoming Starfield Direct arriving in a few months' time. If you want to know everything that will be included in the presentation, we have a complete breakdown.

Starfield Direct air date, details, how to watch, and more

When is the Starfield Direct

Xbox confirmed the Starfield Direct will be taking place on June 11, 2023. The exact timings are yet to be confirmed, but we will most likely know more as we arrive closer to the date.

It has also been confirmed to be on the same day as Xbox’s major gaming showcase, so expect a substantial news dump in one day.

How to watch the Starfield Direct

As with Xbox’s other presentations, the Starfield Direct will be available on the company’s official social media channels, such as YouTube and Twitch. More platforms will more than likely be announced, but similar to the date, we expect to know more closer to June 11.

What will be included in the Starfield Direct?

Again, things are fairly vague on this front. We’ve already been treated to a fair amount of gameplay in Starfield, but viewers have been told to expect more details that showcase what sets it apart from other Bethesda games.

Todd Howard claimed in an announcement that there is still “so much that [Bethesda] has to show you”, adding that “it’s a very unique experience.”

When will Starfield be released now?

While Xbox announced last year that Starfield would be released at some point before June 2023, it has since been pushed back until the second half of the year.

The confirmed release date for Starfield is now September 6, 2023 - barring any further delays. Pre-orders of the game are still not available, but we imagine we’ll hear more during the Starfield Direct.

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