VALORANT Undercity Bundle: Release Date, All Skins, Cost, More

VALORANT Undercity Bundle: Release Date, All Skins, Cost, More
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15th Feb 2022 21:53

VALORANT is set to get a skin featuring a mysterious Victoria Vector, who recently appeared in the Jett music video “Can’t Slow Me Down” published on the VALORANT Korea YouTube channel. It's not yet clear if 'Victoria' is a potential new agent.

The skins, given the name Undercity, capture a purple-hued neon-lit metropolis with each weapon having the face of Victoria Vector including her startling blue hair.

The bundle is notable for offering up a dual-wield Melee.

It must also be noted that all currently available information is from the ever-reliable 'Mike' of the ValorLeaks account.

It's a look that has already seen it draw comparisons to the love-it-or-hate-it Glitchpop series.

The Premium Edition skin line will have skins for the Judge, Phantom, Classic, Bulldog, and melee and cost a combined 7,100 VP or £70/$70.

Valorant Undercity Skin Bundle - Release Date

There is no official release date for the Undercity skin bundle however, with the release of v4.03 on February 15 and the Lunar New Year-themed Tigris leaving the shop tomorrow (February 16), it's highly likely that Undercity skin bundle will be replacing it.

The bundle will contain the following:

  • Undercity Classic
  • Undercity Judge
  • Undercity Bulldog
  • Undercity Phantom
  • Undercity Bulldog
  • Undercity Melee
  • Undercity Playercard

Each gun skin individually will cost 1,775 VP (£17), while the Melee, which is upgradable to a Lvl. 2 will cost 3,775 VP (£32).

As mentioned before, as a bundle it will cost 7,100 VP.

Valorant Undercity Skin Bundle - All Skins

Valorant Undercity skin bundle all skins price cost release date
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We will continue to update this page with more information as it becomes available.

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