When Is TDM Coming To VALORANT?

When Is TDM Coming To VALORANT?
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Tarran Stockton


25th Jan 2023 15:30

You may want to know, when is TDM coming to VALORANT? VALORANT has introduced a few new game modes since it launched in the middle of 2020, but we know there are still some more set to come as part of Riot's plans to expand the game further.

While VALORANT is primarily a tactical shooter based on attacking and defending a bomb site, there are other modes that switch things up. According to Riot, a Team Deathmatch mode is also now in the works, so take a look at when TDM is coming to VALORANT.

When Is TDM Coming To VALORANT?

The Team Deathmatch mode for VALORANT was announced during a developer diary released on January 24, which highlighted what's in store for the game throughout 2023. However, there was no news on when the TDM mode will launch.

The dev diary primarily promised more agents and maps this year, along with an update on VALORANT Premier, but during the final few seconds, executive producer Anna Donlon confirmed the existence of TDM.

"We'll see you soon, maybe playing a new agent or a new map. In Premier or at a live event. Maybe check out one of those new modes Andy was talking about like Swiftplay, or the one I'm really excited about, our take on Team Deathmatch", said Donlon.

While we don't know anything about the mode yet, such as how it will play and when exactly it's set to release, the video does heavily hint that it's launching sometime this year, where it will likely launch with a new act or episode.

Team Deathmatch has been a popular mode in various first-person shooters since the 90s, though it was highly popularised by Call of Duty during the late 00s. It typically consists of two teams competing to earn the most kills within a time limit, with the game ending after one team hits a specified threshold.

We don't expect the VALORANT version of the mode to differ wildly, but Riot Games may put a different twist on it.

That's all for our explainer of when TDM is coming to VALORANT, and now you know there's no specific date, but it's expected to launch before the end of the year.

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