VALORANT Pearl Changes: 5.06 Patch Notes

VALORANT Pearl Changes: 5.06 Patch Notes
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Harry Boulton


20th Sep 2022 15:29

There are some big VALORANT Pearl changes on the horizon with patch 5.06, alongside a couple of other changes and bug fixes that fans should welcome with open arms. With an ever increasing roster of Agents and maps, VALORANT is bound to need adjustments to tow the very fine line of balance that competitive games aim to stay inside. So, to find out all about the VALORANT Pearl changes and everything else that is coming with patch 5.06, make sure to carry on reading.

VALORANT Pearl Changes

There are quite a few changes RIOT have made to the underwater map Pearl that might seem small in isolation, but come together to hopefully make a far more balanced map that is easier to move through.

Here is a full list of all of the areas that have been modified:

  • B Main
  • Mid Shops
  • Mid Shops to Mid Plaza
  • Mid Top
  • A Art
  • B Link
  • A Main
  • A Main to A Site

VALORANT Pearl Changes B Main
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At B Main, the waist-high wall on the left-hand side has been shortened slightly to ensure that there is no possibility for Agents to be completely hidden anymore.

VALORANT Pearl Changes mid shops
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The platform at Mid Shops has been extended into the boxes to remove the lower gap, making it far easier to clear, but still a strong holding point for attackers.

VALORANT Pearl Changes mid shops to mid plaza
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In the Mid Shops to Mid Plaza area, the corner on the right side of the Onze store has been replaced by a triangular plant, removing the need to clear it when passing through.

VALORANT Pearl Changes mid top
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The wall with the door and service window has been pushed forward at Mid Top, removing the 50-50 clear which was quite frustrating to perform if you got the coin flip wrong.

VALORANT Pearl Changes a art 1
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VALORANT Pearl Changes a art 2
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VALORANT Pearl Changes A art 3
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A Art has had quite a lot of clears and obstacles removed, making it a much smoother area to move through for both sides. Some of the tall boxes have been removed, and other corners have been rounded off with various objects.

VALORANT Pearl Changes b link 1
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VALORANT Pearl Changes b link 2
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Two areas have changed at B Link, once again simplifying some of the trickier clears and re-clears on the map. The top box has been flattened slightly, which still provides cover but makes it less troubling to re-clear. The double stack close to the sight has also changed sides in order to simplify the route and close off line-of-sight to B Hall.


VALORANT Pearl Changes a main
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The cut out in the wall at A Main has been brought forward to be in line with the rest, removing a tricky angle clear for defenders who wish to push up.

VALORANT Pearl Changes a main to a site
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The wall section at the stairs from A Main to A Site has been brought out slightly, in the aim to make it far easier to smoke and use utility.

VALORANT 5.06 Patch Notes

VALORANT 5.06 Patch Notes
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Alongside the numerous changes to the Pearl map found above, there are also a couple more in-game adjustments that you should be aware of. Read on to see the rest of the VALORANT 5.06 patch notes:

VALORANT 5.06 Weapon Changes


  • Primary Fire error adjusted from 1.6 error after seven bullets to 1.3 error after six bullets.
    • The goal here is to make the Stinger more controllable, as it currently feels a bit manic even in close quarters gunfights. 
  • Alt Fire first shot error adjusted from 0.5 to 0.35
    • Burst fire had more variance than it should, so the gun should feel more accurate at longer ranges with the burst fire mode.

VALORANT 5.06 Social Updates

  • Introduced a feature that will show which players have been detected for engaging in disruptive gameplay-based behaviour at the end of game screen
    • The feature has been added to: Unrated, Competitive, Spike Rush, and Replication.

VALORANT 5.06 Bug Fixes


  • Fixed an issue with KAY/O's Zero/point, where it sometimes incorrectly displayed enemies that were hit on KAY/O's UI


  • Fixed a bug where Clutch Mutes would continue after a match has ended
  • Fixed a bug that prevented you from being able to respond to a whisper by clicking on the Riot ID of the player who sent the whisper
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Social panel to close when right-clicking into the Friend Note text field
  • Fixed a bug where pending invites would disappear if all friends have left the party
  • Fixed a bug where the incorrect system message was sent when accepting a friend request through the Match Tab in-game.

So, that's everything you need to know about the VALORANT Pearl changes and 5.06 patch notes, giving you a rundown of everything new that is coming to the game. For more information about Riot's first person shooter, why not find out what the VALORANT player count is here.

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