Valorant 6.11 Patch Notes: Agent updates, Pearl map changes, weapons and more

Valorant 6.11 Patch Notes: Agent updates, Pearl map changes, weapons and more
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Kiera Mills


6th Jun 2023 14:00


The VALORANT 6.11 patch notes are here with the usual bug fixes and more pressing changes like Agent updates, nerfs and buffs, map updates and more.

See below for the most important changes included in the VALORANT 6.11 patch notes and see how it will affect your favourite Agents going forward with Episode 7 of the game.

VALORANT Agent Updates

Main Valorant 6.11 patch updates
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  • Rolling Thunder (X)- visuals have been updated to provide a clearer edge to the ultimate’s area of effect. This should make it easier to understand when you will and will not be hit by the ultimate.


  • Rendezvous (E) - Reduced weapon equip time after post-teleport lockout from 0.7s to 0s
  • Trademark (C) – Disable range has gone from 4000 to 5000. Trap arm speed from 4s to 2s
  • Tour De Force(X) - The firing rate increased by 15%


  • Fuel Regeneration - Reduced regeneration per second from 5% to 3.3%.


  • When hit by Concussing abilities, Yoru's Fakeout (C) can now be visually affected.
  • The timing of Omen’s From the Shadows (X) voiceover line will come in quicker to increase your discernibility.
  • Sova's cape dynamics were redone and smoothed out, while still maintaining a silhouette close to his body to not give away the enemy's position.
  • Some of the code related to the trajectory of grenade-like projectiles has been cleared up (such as Sova's Shock Bolt [Q] and Recon Bolt [E], and Brimstone's Incendiary [Q]).

VALORANT Map updates  

B Site Pillar change on the Valorant Pearl map
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  • Adjusted the B Ramp Screen and removed the attacker cubby – the screen is shorter now and the ramp has been replaced with a jump-up. The attacker Ramp cubby has also been removed to reduce the number of positions to hold the long plant from and make the space more vulnerable to flanks.
  • Adjusted B Site Screen to give more options to defenders. The screen has been extended to create a larger pocket to play from.
  • Added a new cubby in B Hall to give defenders another position to play from.
  • Widened the pillar on B Site to give more room to work with. This should also reduce the likelihood of getting spammed. 

VALORANT Weapon Updates

Valorant Ruin Shorty skin
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Weapon Accuracy on Ascenders / Ziplines

Ascender minimum spread on ropes has increased to 65% of the walking spread. The following weapons have seen these changes (Snipers & Shotguns remain unchanged):

  • Rifles from .8 - 1.3
  • Classic from .35 -.55
  • Frenzy from .35 -.52
  • Ghost from .35 - .6
  • Sheriff from .35 -.78
  • SMGs from .3 - .65

The walking and running spread on ropes has also increased to match the walking and running spread on the ground.


  • Reserve ammo adjusted from 10 – 6.
  • The price was adjusted from $150 - $300.
  • Damage at no fall-off adjusted from 12 – 11.
  • Damage at first step fall-off (7 meters) adjusted from 8 – 6.


  • Min spread increased from .45 - .65.
  • Spread curve adjusted - maximum spread reached in 5 bullets instead of 6.
  • Recoil pitch curve adjusted - maximum recoil will be reached in 5 bullets instead of 6. Total recoil is lowered to compensate.

Error Power nerfed

Error Power (also known as Centre Biasing) is a tool usually made to reward accuracy by biasing shots toward the centre of the crosshair. This system has unintentionally been aiding firing while on the move.

As such, the error power has been reduced significantly in these movement states: shots fired while moving are now almost uniformly random within their spread cone, meaning that fewer of these shots will precisely land on target. 

Recoil Adjustments

These weapons have received an increase in vertical recoil while firing on the run, to reduce the number of incidental run-and-gun kills.:

  • Phantom: 1.5 - 1.8
  • Spectre: 1.5 - 1.8
  • Vandal: 1.5 - 1.8
  • Frenzy: 1.25 - 1.5

Phantom/Vandal Ammo Reserve

  • Phantom Reserve ammo adjusted from 90 - 60
  • Vandal Reserve ammo adjusted from 75 - 50

General Bug Fixes 

B-site hall size adjustment, Valorant 6.11 patch
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  • Fixed bug with Killjoy’s utility not fading back into stealth when recovering from a disabled state.
  • Fixed Omen’s Shrouded Step (C) to not be interrupted if you’re Suppressed before teleporting.
  • Fixed an issue where when Sage rotated her Barrier Orb (C) 90 degrees, she was blocked from placing the wall for .8 seconds. Now, Sage can place her wall immediately after rotating it 90 degrees.

Gameplay Systems

  • Fixed Ability HUD overlapping in the Shooting Range when switching Agents.
  • Fixed Kill Feed being out of order when one shot kills multiple players.


  • Fixed a bug where party groups in your friends list would sometimes be put in the wrong section. They’ll now always appear in the online section.
  • Fixed a bug where push-to-talk wasn’t working when the Buy screen was open. Now you can talk while you shop.

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