Escape From Tarkov Woods Map: Extraction Spots And High Tier Loot Guide

Escape From Tarkov Woods Map: Extraction Spots And High Tier Loot Guide
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2nd Jun 2022 14:03

The Escape From Tarkov Woods map is one of the game’s largest available to raiders. Therefore, if you want to tackle all that Escape From Tarkov has to offer, knowing your way around the expansive forest is a must. Thankfully we’ve got you covered, so make sure to read on to find out all you need to know about the Escape From Tarkov Woods map.

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Escape From Tarkov Woods Extraction Spots

Escape From Tarkov Woods Extracts
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As always in Escape From Tarkov, it is vital to know your end destination when you take on a raid. There is nothing worse than loading up on a ton of killer loot but being unable to find the extract, leading to you either wandering into your own death, or the dreaded raid timer sealing your fate.

Woods can be an especially bad map if you don’t know your extract points as well due to the sheer size of it. In a pinch with little time left it can be a nightmare trying to haul yourself across acres of fields. Fret not though as we have all the possible extracts listed below for you to plan towards. Of course, it is worth saying that not all extracts will be available at all times, but generally your given extracts will all be on the same side of the map.

Escape From Tarkov Woods PMC Extracts

Bridge V-Ex (5000 Roubles) (B)

Factory Gate (Co-op) (F)

Northern UN Roadblock (N)

Outskirts (O)

RUAF Gate (R)

UN Roadblock (UN)

ZB-014 (Need ZB-014 Key) (14)

ZB-016 (16)

Escape From Tarkov Scav Extracts

Boat (B)

Dead Man’s Place (D)

Eastern Rocks (E)

Factory Gate (Co-op) (F)

Mountain Stash (M)

Old Station (O2)

Outskirts (O)

RUAF Gate (R)

Scav Bridge (S3)

Scav Bunker (S2)

Scav House (S1)

UN Roadblock (UN)

ZB-014 (Need ZB-014 Key) (14)


Escape From Tarkov Woods Points Of Interest

Escape From Tarkov Woods Points Of Interest
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With Woods being so big, it's a good idea to get a hang of which direction you’re heading so you don’t waste any time going the wrong way. There are a couple of great spots to hit up when you’re on your way to extracting or a quest that can easily make any run worth it. Just try not to stay too out in the open or you’ll catch a 7.62x54R round to the head.

Military Camp

The Military Camp on the south east of Woods is an excellent all round spot for both early game and late game loot. Located just east of the water bank, the Military Camp is both easy to find and quick to loot if you know which spots to hit. In the early game, it is a reliable spawn of Salewa kits and other miscellaneous meds, and in the late game it can spawn all types of injectors and even highly sought after items like ophthalmoscopes.

Abandoned Village 

Up in the north east of the map you will find the Abandoned Village, and it is a veritable gold mine for high value loot. In almost every house you will find a potential valuable item spawn, randing from chainlets and horses to even Bitcoin. On top of this there is even a marked circle, which can spawn some of the highest tier items in the game. It also makes a good route to hit up the Bridge Outlook to the west as that has some good spawns including a Moonshine drop. Be warned when heading here at night though because Cultists have a chance to appear when you’re least expecting them.

Scav House

Although Scav House is essentially useless if you’re on the lookout for loot, it is an essential spot for the early game. If you’ve got a Scav killing task - or are just in the mood to farm some EXP - then Scav House is the place to be. It yields repeated Scav spawns, on top of having many relatively safe vantage points to snipe from. And when you’ve had enough target practice you can slip away at the Outskirts extract if you spawned on the right side.


The final point of interest on Woods is the Sawmill, slap bang in the centre of the map. It acts not only as a convergence point for a lot of players crossing to the other side, but it also has decent spawns, and the potential for a Scav boss. If you’re good enough to defeat the boss - or lucky enough to find the key otherwise - then you can also be treated to Shturman’s Stash which has the chance to spawn some super high tier loot. LABS keycard anyone?

Escape From Tarkov Woods Bosses

Escape From Tarkov Woods Bosses
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Scav bosses can pose raiders some of their toughest battles and the ones on Woods are no different. As alluded to on Sawmill, Shturman is the main boss you’re most likely to encounter when traipsing through the forests. Luckily he only spawns in the Sawmill surrounding area so he can be avoided relatively easily, but as he is a sniper all it takes is one lucky shot and you’re down. He has two guards that are always in his vicinity and they also wield long range weapons with armour destroying ammo.#

Due to the multiple strange markings found all over woods, there is also a presence from the Cultists on Woods. Luckily they only come out between 22:00 and 6:00 but if you’re trying to do a quest in the dark you will need to keep your wits about you. They have a chance to spawn to the west of Sawmill, and around the Abandoned Village in the north.

So, that should be all you need to get started on Woods - soon you’ll be one with the trees and a sniper master. If Lighthouse is more your cup of tea though, make sure to check out this Escape From Tarkov Corporate Secrets Mechanic quest guide.

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