Escape From Tarkov Delivery From The Past Prapor Quest Guide

Escape From Tarkov Delivery From The Past Prapor Quest Guide
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30th Jun 2022 09:28

Prapor’s back with the Escape From Tarkov Delivery from the Past quest which can easily give many PMCs a headache they wish they could avoid. This Escape From Tarkov task requires the tricky trifecta of a key, safe extraction, and item planting, all of which can give you a headache. However, this guide will give you full directions to hopefully make the Escape From Tarkov Delivery from the Past quest as painless as possible.

Escape From Tarkov Delivery From The Past Quest Details

Escape From Tarkov Delivery From The Past Big Red
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The Delivery from the Past task requires players to obtain the secure folder from the Tarcone director’s office on Customs, extract safely with the folder, then head over to Factory and stash in it the Factory break room. What the quest description fails to mention is that you will need a key to open the director’s office, but this isn’t the worst to get your hands on.

You’ll get your hands on a fair amount for completing this quest so it is definitely worth doing if not just for the rewards alone. Prapor will send over one Saiga 12ga ver.10 12/76 semi-automatic shotgun, four SOK-12 12/76 sb.5 5-round magazines, 40 12/70 7mm buckshot rounds to go with it, 4000 EXP, 20,000 Roubles, and an increase of 0.03 to your Prapor rep. Most importantly, completing the Escape From Tarkov Delivery from the Past quest will unlock 5.45x39mm PS gs rounds for purchase at Prapor LL1, which is one of the best early game rounds for 5.45x39mm guns like the AK-74 variants.

How To Complete Escape From Tarkov Delivery From The Past Quest

Escape From Tarkov Delivery From The Past Key
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Before you can even begin to think about dropping into Customs to start this quest you’ll need to be able to get your hands on the Tarcone director’s office key. Of course, this can be found at all the usual key spawns like jackets, drawers, and Scavs, but it is also available as a handy barter. 


You can find it at Therapist LL1 as a barter for two cans of green tea, four army crackers, and two cans of squash spread, or at Therapist LL2 for four golden neck chains. The LL1 barter can be easily done by searching the ration crates in the military camp on Woods, and you don’t need to worry about any of the items being found in the raid either.

Escape From Tarkov Delivery From The Past Folder
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Once you’ve got your hands on the key, head over to big red on Customs and unlock the door at the top of the metal stairs. You’ll find two doors in the following hallway - we’re looking for the second door, but there are a couple of good loot spawns in the first room so it’s still worth checking. Breach open the second door and head behind the desk to find the secure folder on the left-hand side - you’ll probably have to crouch down to reach it but it should be hard to miss. Don’t forget to loot the safe, jacket, and check the shelves too because there’s the potential for great loot.

Depending on your spawn this should be a fairly easy extract but just make sure you get out safely to continue this quest. From then on, make sure that your next PMC raid is focused on this quest as dying in a different raid in between will mean that you have to go all the way back to Customs and start again.

Escape From Tarkov Delivery From The Past Factory Location
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For the second half of this quest, load into Factory and head over to gate three on the northwest side of the map. Directly left of the gate you will see the Factory break room at the top of some stairs. Head up and plant the folder, making sure to stay out of sight of any onlookers. Luckily, gate three is an extract so just head back down the stairs and extract safely. Remember to complete the task with Prapor and receive your deserved rewards.

So, that wraps up this guide for completing the Escape From Tarkov Delivery from the Past quest. If you’re in the early game and looking for a helping hand to make your time in Tarkov a bit more bearable, check out these Escape From Tarkov tips.

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