Escape From Tarkov Wipe Date And Schedule

Escape From Tarkov Wipe Date And Schedule
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15th Jul 2022 17:02

The Escape From Tarkov wipe date and schedule are kept relatively secret by Battlestate Games. We can roughly infer when the wipe will happen in Escape From Tarkov but you will never know for sure. However, we can look at when the past wipes have happened and take an educated guess as to when the next Escape From Tarkov wipe date and schedule will be.

What Is The Escape From Tarkov Wipe?

What is the Escape From Tarkov wipe
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If you’re new to the game you might be wondering exactly what Escape From Tarkov wipes are. First and foremost, they are Battlestate Games’ way of balancing the economy and progression in Tarkov to keep the game fresh and stop players from being too strong.

When a wipe happens, all of your items, guns, armour, and money is - you guessed it - wiped from your account in the form of a hard reset. Your account then returns to its ‘original’ state in line with whichever of the Escape From Tarkov editions that you purchased. The wipes also act as a way of forcing players to not hoard their items and actually use them, as you never know when it will all be erased from the game. Additionally, any quest progress or trader reputations are gone, along with your level progress too.

With new wipes often comes new content, with guns, armour, and items being added to the game alongside various balance changes.

Escape From Tarkov Wipe Schedule

Escape From Tarkov wipe schedule
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If looking at the number of days between each Escape From Tarkov wipe (discounting the first wipe), there is an average time of 151 days between each wipe. However, this is skewed down slightly due to some of the earlier Escape From Tarkov wipes, and has been trending more towards 200 days as of late.


In essence, there are usually two wipes per calendar year, with one roughly in the Winter and one in the Summer. There is speculation that when the game reaches its full release there will be no more wipes, but as it is still in beta the wipes will remain for the foreseeable future.

When Is The Next Escape From Tarkov Wipe Date?

Escape From Tarkov wipe date
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As we have just received the latest Escape From Tarkov wipe on June 28, with patch 12.12.30, we are unlikely to hear about the next wipe now for at least another six months at the very minimum.

However, the only other time that there has been a June wipe was in 2021 on June 30, in which there was only 165 days between it and the subsequent wipe on Christmas Eve of the same year. We could hypothetically see the same roughly occur again this year, but it is incredibly hard to predict, especially being this early into the new wipe cycle.

Usually you can make a bolder prediction after certain in-game events, as some are key signifiers that the wipe has reached a certain stage, or is coming to a close, but Battlestate Games like to do something different each time so you never know.

One factor which could determine the length of time between the current wipe and the next Winter wipe is the state of the Streets of Tarkov map. Originally teased through a trailer all the way back in June 2020, Streets of Tarkov is a map that the devs claim is going to be the most complex map to ever grace any game in history. Therefore it is not surprising that it is taking so long to release, but some fans speculate that it could be coming with the new wipe.

In the episode of Tarkov TV that predated the June 2022 wipe, game director Nikita Buyanov stated that the map still had a lot of optimisation work to be done, but could this spell that it is nearing completion and that we will see it as the big new feature of a Winter wipe?

One thing that potentially won't be tied to any wipe release is the Escape From Tarkov Arena mode, which is due to begin testing in late Summer/early Autumn this year. As it is a mode that will operate separately from the main game, it is unlikely that it will be tied to any timeline that the main PMC journey will be following.

Finally, some players are, perhaps optimistically, speculating that Battlestate Games will announce the full release date before the end of 2022, giving all of the details of what the transition from beta to 1.0 will entail. One of the biggest things that this could bring is the eradication of wipes, so if this speculation is based in some form of truth, it could potentially mean that we only have a handful of wipes left to look forward to. However, only time will tell how true this actually is, and it is likely that we will still continue to receive wipes in the near future at least.


So, that wraps it up for all the information you’ll need about the Escape From Tarkov wipe date and schedule. If you’re coming into the game fresh with the new wipe, make sure to check out these seven Escape From Tarkov tips to give you a good head start.

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