How To Download Escape From Tarkov

How To Download Escape From Tarkov
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1st Jun 2022 16:04

If you’re wondering how to download Escape From Tarkov in order to enjoy its blood pumping action, then you’re in the right place. Escape From Tarkov is Battlestate Games’ hybrid of the looter shooter and battle royale genres, and it is definitely one of the best fps games out there right now. So, make sure to have a read on for all the information on how to download Escape From Tarkov.

How To Download Escape From Tarkov

How To Download Escape From Tarkov
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If you’re looking for how to download Escape From Tarkov, the place to head is the Escape From Tarkov website, where you can also see the network status, read the forums, and access the support channels. 

In order to download Escape From Tarkov, you will first need to have an account which you can create by clicking the registration button in the top left, but you will also need to purchase a copy of the game in order to have access to the Battlestate Launcher. From there you will be able to download Escape From Tarkov and play the game.


Escape From Tarkov Price: What Are The Different Escape From Tarkov Versions?

How To Download Escape From Tarkov Price
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When you go to purchase Escape From Tarkov, you might be confused by the various different versions of the game with wildly different prices attached to each. There are currently four different versions of Escape From Tarkov that all come with various increasing benefits. Every edition gives you access to the base game and all of the current content, the main difference between them, however, is mostly the number of items you are given at the start of each Escape From Tarkov wipe.

To find out the full details of each Escape From Tarkov price, have a read below. Each price listed is without taxes added on.

Escape From Tarkov Standard Edition Price

The Standard Edition of Escape From Tarkov will cost you €34.99/£29.88/$37.48. When purchasing the Standard Edition, you will be entitled to instant access to the game, a basic stash size of 10x28 cells, and basic equipment. Standard Edition players will also gain access to the Alpha Secure Container which comprises 2x2 cells.

Escape From Tarkov Left Behind Edition Price

The Escape From Tarkov Left Behind edition price is €57.99/£49.53/$62.09. Left Behind will give players the exact same as the Standard Edition, with the added bonus of 100 extra cells in their stash (10x38), and some additional equipment, healing, and barter items.

Escape From Tarkov Prepare For Escape Edition Price

The price for the Escape From Tarkov Prepare for Escape edition is €79.99/£68.27/$85.39. When buying the Prepare for Escape edition, players will be entitled to an additional 100 cells in their stash (10x48), the Beta Secure Container (3x2), and even more starting equipment on top of all the pre-existing benefits of the previous versions. Furthermore, you will have initially good standing with all in-game traders, meaning that every trader starts with a 0.2 rep, making the early game level up process significantly quicker.

Escape From Tarkov Edge Of Darkness Edition Price

The Escape From Tarkov Edge of Darkness edition is the most expensive version of the game that you can purchase. It comes in at €109.99/£93.86/$117.39. It comes with the largest stash size of 10x68 - over 200 cells more than the next highest. Furthermore, you will receive the most starting items, access all the benefits of the previous versions, gain the invaluable Gamma Secure Container (3x3), and have free access to all subsequent DLCs.

Escape From Tarkov Steam: Is Escape From Tarkov On Steam?

How To Download Escape From Tarkov Steam
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Unfortunately Escape From Tarkov is not currently on Steam, and is only available to purchase through the Escape From Tarkov official website. As the game is currently in a ‘closed’ beta, we could potentially see it migrate to Valve’s platform when the game reaches its full release. As it has been in beta since 2017 though we might still be waiting a while.

So, that rounds up all the information you will need on how to download Escape From Tarkov. If you’ve already purchased and downloaded the game, why not have a look at our Escape From Tarkov tips to help you get started in the tough world of Tarkov.

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