Escape From Tarkov: Best Key Binds

Escape From Tarkov: Best Key Binds
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17th Aug 2022 10:23

These Escape From Tarkov best key binds will get you prepared for even the most chaotic battle, leaving behind the finger stretching that you would have to do otherwise. As it is an incredibly hardcore game, there are quite a lot of actions in Escape From Tarkov, and that takes up quite a lot of keys. You're therefore going to want to use the Escape From Tarkov best key binds to overcome this, so make sure to carry on reading down below to see the full list.

Escape From Tarkov Best Pre-Existing Key Binds

Escape From Tarkov best key binds in the game
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There are some Escape From Tarkov key binds already baked into the game that will save you a lot of time, it just isn't as obvious as you might have thought if you don't obsessively study the options menu.

Check out the list below for all of the best Escape From Tarkov key binds that are already in the game:

Name Key bind Action
Quick transfer CTRL + LMB Quickly transfers items to your backpack/rig
Quick equip ALT + LMB Quickly equips items to your PMC
Quick walk Caps Lock Quickly switch to the slowest movement speed
Crouch adjust C + Scroll up/down Adjust the crouch height of your PMC
Quick Stash scroll Page Up/Page Down Quickly hops to the top/bottom of your stash
Free Look Middle mouse button + mouse movement Look independently of your movement direction
Smooth lean ALT + Q/E Slowly lean in either director for finer adjustments
Smooth step ALT + A/D Slowly step left or right
Blind fire ALT + W/S Hold your gun above/to the right to fire around cover
Magazine select R + Scroll up/down Choose the next or previous magazine in your rig for more precision
Quick melee hit Double tap V Use your melee weapon without having to bring it out
Backpack drop Double tap Z Quickly drop your backpack for more movement in fights
Change tactical device CTRL + T Switch your tactical device's setting
Switch scopes CTRL + RMB Switch between multiple scopes on a weapon
Switch magnification/reticule ALT + RMB Change level of magnification on a scope
Check ammo ALT + T Check ammo type and level in loaded magazine
Identify Middle mouse button Quickly identify items
Change fire mode B Change between single-fire, burst, and fully-automatic fire modes
Check fire mode ALT + B Check your current fire mode
Quick full auto Double tap B Quickly switch to fully automatic firing mode
Scope zeroing Page Up/Page Down Change the scope zero level when zoomed in
Split item stack CTRL + LMB Split the items in an item stack - useful for ammo
Discard Delete key Quickly discard items
Rotate R Rotate items in stash or bags


While this does seem a lot, mastering these will make a world of a difference in Escape From Tarkov, saving you plenty of effort, and reducing the number of times you will be left with your pants down.

  • If you're on the hunt for some Escape From Tarkov fuel, then make sure to check out our guide for all the locations and barters.

Escape From Tarkov Best New Key Binds

Escape From Tarkov best key binds new
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There are, however, a plethora of new Escape From Tarkov key binds that the community has discovered, which some would argue are impossible to play without. While you could very well reach the coveted Kappa container without using any of these, they make the Tarkov experience a whole lot more comfortable.

Name Key bind Action Reason
Unbind quick reload Empty No quick reload bind Removing the quick reload bind actually makes for a faster reload speed, without having to drop your magazines
Med binds 'Slot 4' bound to 4 as 'Release', 'Slot 5' bound to 4 as 'Press' Allows you to have two meds on one bind Useful for pairing a heavy bleed med with a general med, so that you don't burn durability. Can also be used for a light and heavy bleed pairing too.
Always hold breath 'Hold Breath' bound to RMB as 'Release', 'Aim' bound to RMB as 'Press' Aiming down sights also holds breath in the same motion Means that your first shot can be extra precise in fast moments
Quickly change magnification 'Change scope magnification' bound to one of your side mouse buttons Allows you to circumvent the multi-key bind with a single handy press Good for quickly adapting to every situation ahead of you
Toggle tactical device 'Toggle tactical device' bound to the other mouse button Quickly turn on and off your tactical device to suit the situation and check areas Not only makes it easier and quicker to reach, but avoids fat-fingering the reload button in the worst moments
Quickly check exits Unbind 'Check time' and then set 'Check time and exits' to single instead of double Shows time and exits on a single press Very few reasons why you would want to just see the time, so cuts out the middle man
Quick malfunction fix

Bind 'Check chamber/fix malfunction' to L on press, then 'Inspect current weapon' L on release

Allows you to fix any malfunction by pressing L twice Avoids the panic of a malfunction by solving it with just two consecutive presses

While not a specific key bind anymore, if you wondering why your Escape From Tarkov compass not working, then make sure to check out our guide for tips on how to use your compass again. Overall though, most of the best Escape From Tarkov key binds are all about saving you time and making your most used actions more reachable. As you can die in literally a moment's notice, having the means to react as quickly as possible at any point in time can really be the difference maker.

So, that's all of the best Escape From Tarkov key binds that you should go about learning and implementing into your gameplay. If you're wanting to further maximise your chances of survival, then you're definitely going to want to use one of the Escape From Tarkov best guns detailed in this guide.

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