Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Map Guide: Extracts, Keys, Loot

Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Map Guide: Extracts, Keys, Loot
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12th Sep 2022 16:10

The Escape From Tarkov Shoreline map is one that you will have to learn eventually, as it not only holds some really great loot, but it is essential for a lot of the mid-game quests. Learning the maps in Escape From Tarkov can be a challenging task, but knowing the extracts, hot spots, and landmarks can really increase your chances of survival. So, to learn all about the Escape From Tarkov Shoreline map, make sure to have a read of our comprehensive guide down below.

Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Extracts

Escape From Tarkov Shoreline extracts map
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Map made by RE3MR

The Escape From Tarkov Shoreline extracts are thankfully some of the easiest to find and use in the game, so once you know where they are you should be able to make it out. Furthermore, there are quite a lot of options, meaning that you're never too far away from an exit solution, even if they removed the Rock Passage extract a while back. 

So, here's a full list of all of the Escape From Tarkov Shoreline extracts, and when you can use them:

Extract Name

PMC or Scav

Use Type

Path to Lighthouse


Always Open

Pier Boat


Single Use

Railway Bridge


Always Open

Road to Customs


Always Open



Always Open

Admin Basement


Always Open

East Wing Gym Entrance


Always Open



Always Open

North Fence Passage


Always Open

Ruined House Fence


Always Open

Ruined Road


Always Open

Svetliy Dead End


Always Open

As always, not all of these extracts will be available to you, as it largely depends on which side of the map you spawn on, so it is good to become familiar with at least a couple for each spawn side.

Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Tunnel
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Tunnel Extract

The Tunnel and Road to Customs extracts are going to be your best general exits for either half, as they sit on near opposite sides of the map. For Tunnel, all you need to do is take the main road by the river right if you're facing the Pier, and it will be sat right at the end.

Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Road to Customs
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Road to Customs Extract

Whereas, for Road to Customs, you will do the same in the opposite direction, only bending round to the left slightly at the end of the road. It can also be found easily if you continue behind the Radio Tower.

You can also use the Pier Boat extract if you want to get out quickly in the middle of the map, but this is far more dangerous as you can be an easy target for anyone overlooking the Pier/Gas Station area, and the Pier Boat could also already be used, leaving you out in the open.

Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Hot Spots

Escape From Tarkov Shoreline hot spots
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Shoreline is largely a map defined by a handful of high-traffic areas, one central hub, and then the lanes in between them all. Here are all of the areas to look out for in the Escape From Tarkov Shoreline map:

  • Health Resort
  • Cottages
  • Power Station
  • Gas Station/Pier
  • Weather Station

Health Resort

Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Health Resort
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The Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Health Resort is the clear focus of the map, sitting just above the centre, and housing the majority of the high-value loot in the area. 

It is somewhere that is almost guaranteed to have PvP, so you're not only going to want to come prepared gear-wise, but also be confident in your own skill as you will be fighting more than competent players that are also likely to arrive in squads. 

It has three main buildings - West, Admin, and East - and each building houses three floors full of various locked and unlocked rooms for you to explore. While there is an abundance of keys available for the Resort, not all of them hold the same value, so make sure to check out our list of the best keys further on in this guide for all the information.


Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Cottages
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Outside of a potential boss spawn which we will cover shortly, the Cottages are great if you're wanting to pick up some potentially high-value loot in a concentrated area. Across the two houses there are four safes, and while you will need the rather expensive Cottage Back Entrance key to get inside the first house, it is a worthwhile endeavour. 

This is a great spot to check out if you're still stuck on the Escape From Tarkov What's on the Flash Drive quest, as safes have one of the highest spawn chances for the pesky item.

Power Station

Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Power Station
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While not housing that much in terms of loot or challenging AI foes, the Power Station is a key area due to its position in the centre of the map. As a by-product of the river running down the map, the Power Station offers one of the few avenues for players to cross from one area to the next, allowing you to pick off any travellers as they pass through if you manage to maintain control of the area.

Gas Station/Pier

Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Pier
Click to enlarge

Much of the same is true with the Gas Station and Pier as it is for the Power Station, as it also serves as a high traffic crossing for players wanting to move from one side of the map to the other. 

It has a vast array of hills overlooking the area, meaning that you have ample opportunity to set up and keep lookout, or be sniped yourself when crossing. The Pier is worth a trip on its own, however, as it not only has a boss spawn chance, but also two safes and a nearby extract.

Weather Station

Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Weather Station
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Finally, the Weather Station is the last hot spot on the Escape From Tarkov Shoreline map, and it is worth a visit for many different reasons. It houses a unique boss spawn, great loot potential in the form of a safe and a couple of filing cabinets, and a vantage point over much of the eastern side of the map.

Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Bosses

Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Bosses
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There are three potential boss encounters that you can find on the Escape From Tarkov Shoreline map, and they are as follows:

  • Sanitar
  • Cultist Priest
  • Goon Squad (Big Pipe, Birdeye, Death Knight)

Escape From Tarkov Sanitar Spawns

Sanitar is the main boss for the Escape From Tarkov Shoreline map, and he can be one of the hardest to kill due to his insanely high health pool. He also brings with him two armoured guards, and can drop his Keycard with a blue marking, and his unique bag which has the chance to spawn various injectors.

The Sanitar spawn locations are as follows:

  • Heath Resort (East and West wings)
  • Cottages
  • Pier

Sanitar has generally an equal chance to spawn at each of these locations, but it is probably best to check the Resort first if you're specifically looking for him, as any other PMCs will likely kill him before you otherwise.

The Cottages are probably the best place to fight him as you are less exposed to other PMCs, but the abundance of bushes can make it difficult for you, as the AI can ignore these and target you through them.

Escape From Tarkov Cultist Priest Shoreline Spawns

Specifically spawning between the hours of 22:00 and 7:00, the Cultist Priest and their followers will spawn in the following locations on Shoreline:

  • North west of the Gas Station, west of the Power Station
  • North east of the Sunken Village
  • Health Resort (West and East wings)

As is always the case with the Cultists, you're really going to want to keep your eyes peeled, as they will make no noise with their footsteps and can easily sprint up behind and poison you.

Escape From Tarkov Goon Squad Shoreline Spawns

The Goons have a single spawn location on Shoreline and that is at the Weather Station, so you're going to want to head there if you're thinking of fighting them. They do have a fairly low spawn chance on this map, but the Weather Station can be quite a good place to fight them if you manage to get up there unopposed. 

Have a read of our Escape From Tarkov Stray Dogs guide for all the tips you'll need to fight the Goons though, as they are more than likely going to run you over if you're unprepared.

Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Best Keys

Escape From Tarkov Shoreline Best Keys
Click to enlarge

Here's a full list of the best keys for the Escape From Tarkov Shoreline map, based off of cost and value of potential loot inside:

  • Cottage Back Entrance Key
  • Health Resort Office Key With A Blue Tape
  • Health Resort East Wing Room 222/226 Key
  • Health Resort East Wing Room 310 Key
  • Health Resort West Wing Room 216 Key
  • Health Resort West Wing Room 301/304 Key

The general theme of these keys is that you have the potential to bag a LEDX - which sits right in the S-tier of our Escape From Tarkov loot tier list, but most of them are used within the Health Resort. 

So, that should be everything you need to know about the Escape From Tarkov Shoreline map, going over the various different extracts, hot-spots, bosses, and keys that you'll need to master the map. If you're thinking of tackling the Escape From Tarkov Woods map next, then don't miss our extensive guide to get to grips with the sniper's heaven.

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