Escape from Tarkov Hideout Hall of Fame explained, how to build & boosts

Escape from Tarkov Hideout Hall of Fame explained, how to build & boosts
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Harry Boulton


10th Jan 2024 10:27


The Hall of Fame in Escape from Tarkov is the new Hideout area, and we wouldn't blame you if you find yourself a little bit stumped when it comes to building it or understanding the rewards on offer.

Beyond offering you a way of displaying your favourite items in the game, the Hall of Fame actually gives experience boosts for your PMC, making it essential if you want to achieve the maximum when it comes to stats.

How to build the Hall of Fame in Escape from Tarkov

  • Build Medstation Level 1 and Water Collector Level 1
  • Mop the floor twice and upgrade the Defective Wall Hideout module until it has been fully knocked through and the new area is accessible
  • This will then make the Hall of Fame a buildable module in the new area, so make sure that you hand in all of the required parts and get to Mechanic LL2 to build it

Image of the Water Collector Hideout module in Escape from Tarkov
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Image via Battlestate Games

It's a fairly arduous process considering the Defective Wall needs to not only be discovered but fully processed too, but it's worth it to show off your items and gain some extra XP.

Hall of Fame upgrade requirements

Here are the requirements for fully upgrading the Hall of Fame to level three so you know which items to save:

Level (Construction Time) Items Needed
1 (12 Hours)
  • Mechanic LL2
  • 1x Cat Figurine
  • 1x Round Pliers
  • 2x Insulating Tape
  • 5x Fleece Fabric
  • 5x Light Bulb
  • 5x Pack of Nails
2 (18 Hours)
  • 1x Golden Rooster
  • 1x Pliers Elite
  • 1x Tech Manual
  • 1x Toolset
  • 2x Ortodontox Toothpaste
  • 2x Xenomorph Sealing Foam
  • 3x Duct Tape
  • 6x Pack of Screws
  • 10x Energy-Saving Lamp
3 (24 Hours)
  • 1x Bronze Lion Figurine
  • 1x Electric Drill
  • 1x Set of Files "Master"
  • 3x KEKTAPE Duct Tape
  • 3x T-Shaped Plug
  • 5x Power Cord
  • 15x Energy-Saving Lamp
  • 15x Metal Spare Parts

Each additional level simply gives you more display space in the Hall of Fame, letting you free up your stash and show off everything that you've earned along the way.

The Hall of Fame is also a great way of storing various purple and streamer items for the Collector quest if you're gunning for the Kappa container. Streamer items in particular are exceedingly rare, so this lets you hold on to them without clogging your stash or running the risk of accidentally selling them too.

How do Hall of Fame rewards work?

Placing dog tags in the Hall of Fame will reward a small percentage boost to the levelling of Combat Skills for your PMC, which is extremely helpful for completing certain quests and lowering the recoil of your favourite weapons.

Dog tags with higher levels give you a greater boost, but you must make sure that the dog tags you place in the Hall of Fame are both killed by you and of the opposite faction - so BEAR if you're a USEC and vice-versa.

Image of Combat Skills in Escape from Tarkov
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Image via Battlestate Games

Currently, you gain no additional bonus from filling up the trophy slots in the Hall of Fame, and that is simply more of a way to clear out your stash and display your rarest or favourite items.

If you've not got the Hall of Fame in Escape from Tarkov yet though, you'd better get grinding, as the rewards are definitely worth the time and effort needed to build it in your Hideout.

While you're waiting for everything to build though, you should check out our dedicated Escape from Tarkov homepage, as we've got loads of guides you can use to improve your game like the best settings and key binds, alongside all of the current meta weapons.

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