Best Escape From Tarkov Early Wipe Weapon Builds

Best Escape From Tarkov Early Wipe Weapon Builds
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12th Dec 2022 14:14

Figuring out what the best Escape From Tarkov early wipe weapon builds are will really help you progress through those early quests and stay alive. While they're certainly not going to perform as well as the super-meta guns, these weapons are perfect for the early Escape From Tarkov wipe stage, and will save you a lot of money too. So, to see all of the best Escape From Tarkov early wipe weapon builds, make sure to carry on reading down below.

Best Escape From Tarkov Early Wipe Weapon Builds

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There are a few different choices of the best Escape From Tarkov early wipe weapon builds that all depend on how you like to play, and which map you are playing on. Some guns work far better in close quarters encounters like on Factory, whereas you might want something with a bit more range on maps like Woods. 

So, here's our list of the best Escape From Tarkov early wipe weapon builds.

Best Escape From Tarkov UMP .45 Early Wipe Build

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Arguably the best early wipe weapon due to its rather ridiculous damage potential in a time where class four armour isn't as universally used, the HK UMP .45 is a fantastic choice, especially for the price. 

Considering that you can pick it up through either the seven knife barter from Peacekeeper LL1, or the DVD/HDD/Caps barter at Mechanic LL1, it is just a fantastic budget choice too.

Here's the best Escape From Tarkov UMP .45 build for the early wipe:

  • NcSTAR Tactical blue laser LAM-module (Skier LL1, 5,658₽)
  • KAC vertical foregrip (Peacekeeper LL1, $34)

You could realistically actually go without the two attachments above, as the base UMP is more than viable, but they're both cheap attachments that have no downside, so you might as well bring them. 

We have opted for no sight as the options available at LL1 Traders are either not high enough to clear the in-build iron sights like the PK-06, or are too expensive like the Deltapoint. Considering you'll be aiming for CQB though, the sights don't matter too much.

For ammo, you're going to want to use .45 ACP Match FMJ, which is available at Peacekeeper LL1 for $1. It has a penetration value of 25, but it does a whopping 76 damage, so you're going to want to go for flesh when you can.

Best Escape From Tarkov AKM Early Wipe Build

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If you're looking for something more suited to medium-range gameplay the 7.62x39 rifles are for you - specifically the AKM, VPO-136, and OP-SKS. The best of the bunch is the AKM, but it is also the most expensive and least accessible at LL1 Traders, but the attachments are largely transferable.

These are the attachments you'll want to use for your AKM loadout:

  • AK-100 series polymer handguard (Prapor LL1, 1,441₽)
  • AK AKademia Bastion dust cover (Skier LL1, 6,325₽)
  • Zenit RK-6 tactical foregrip (Skier LL1, 7,263₽)
  • BelOMO PK-06 reflex sight (Jaeger LL1, 8,400₽)

You will need to remove the 6P1 Sb.2-1 rear sight to attach the Bastion dust cover, so just remember to do that. The attachments are also the exact same for the VPO-136, but if you wanted to go for the OP-SKS all you need to do is whack on the Axion Kobra EKP-8-01 reflex sight or the BelOMO PSO-1 4x24 scope, depending on what range you want to take.

For your ammo, you will definitely want to opt for the 7.62x39mm PS gzh round, which is arguably the best early wipe ammunition available. With 57 damage and 35 penetration, you will tear through even class four armour, which is very powerful at this early stage. You can buy it from Prapor LL1 for 145₽ per round.

Best Escape From Tarkov VPO-215 Early Wipe Build

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As you can only purchase the Infantry version of the Mosin at LL1 Traders which cannot have any sights attached, you should instead opt for the VPO-215 for sniping. Not only can it be paired with a long-range scope, it is also significantly cheaper. It of course does not have anywhere near as much penetration power as the 7.62x54R Mosin bullets, and it also has a rather terrible MOA for a sniper, but it will do at this stage.

Here are the attachments you will want to get for your VPO-215 in the early wipe:

  • Leapers UTG 25mm ring scope mount (Jaeger LL1, 1,773₽)
  • VOMZ Pilad 4x32 24.5mm riflescope (Jaeger LL1, 15,192₽)

You can also attach the Rotor 43 .366 TKM muzzle brake-compensator (Skier LL1, 28,784₽) if you want to go suppressed, but that obviously makes the build quite a bit more expensive.

For ammunition, your best choice is the .366 TKM EKO round, which can be bought from Jaeger LL1 for just 69₽ each. This does a respectable 73 damage and 30 penetration, going through pretty much all class three armour and below - although it will be at least a two-hit kill to the thorax.

That wraps up this list of the best Escape From Tarkov early wipe weapon builds though, giving you a few options based on how you want to fight. If you want to know what the overall optimal choices for weapons are though, don't miss our Escape From Tarkov best guns list.

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