Escape From Tarkov The Extortionist Skier Quest Guide

Escape From Tarkov The Extortionist Skier Quest Guide
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30th Jun 2022 09:26

You'll be able to get started with Skier once you get your hands on the Escape From Tarkov The Extortionist quest. Like many tasks in Escape From Tarkov, this quest requires the extraction of an important item in a shady scheme that we are a bit too involved in now. However, if you just wanting to get the Escape From Tarkov The Extortionist quest done, have a read on below for our comprehensive guide.

Escape From Tarkov The Extortionist Quest Details And Rewards

Escape From Tarkov The Extortionist Unlocking
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After you’ve handed over some shotguns and armour to Skier he will kindly ask you for another favour: he needs you to get back some valuable cargo that was stolen from him. The specifics of the Escape From Tarkov The Extortionist task require you to not only find where the cargo has been hidden, but also find the key to unlock the door that secures it - as vague as ever. Luckily you will find all of the locations you will need to complete this quest in the guide below, so no need to wander around on your own.

As a thank you for returning the cargo to him, Skier will reward you with one Molot VPO-209 .336 TKM carbine, three AK 7.62x39 30-round magazines, 20 .336 TKM AP-M rounds, 3200 EXP, a healthy increase of 0.04 to your Skier rep, and 500 Dollars to spend with Peacekeeper.


How To Complete The Escape From Tarkov The Extortionist Quest

Escape From Tarkov The Extortionist Key
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As Skier details, the hidden cargo is found somewhere on Customs, and hints toward a firefight by the garages across the river. This is exactly where you will find the first step of completing the Escape From Tarkov The Extortionist quest: the key.

Head over to the eastern side of the river, just past the ‘welcome to tarkov’ truck and you will find a bunch of bushes just before you start to move towards construction. Inside one of those bushes, you will find the body of what we can only presume to be the extortionist in question. Loot the body and there should be the Unknown key right there. 

The biggest problem with this key is that although it is a guaranteed spawn every raid, it is not a player specific spawn like a quest item, so if someone has managed to nab it before you get there you’re unfortunately out of luck. People also like to be a bit mean and dump the key even if they’ve finished the quest so watch out for that too.

Escape From Tarkov The Extortionist Cabin
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Once you’ve secured the key, keep heading east through the construction site. You will want to get to a point where you’re in line with the old gas station, and then just north of there, you will find a large open yard with a cabin next to a blue crane.

Be careful when you get here because especially in early wipe this is a prime camping spot for those wanting to pick up easy PMC kills for quests or just for fun. Approaching the raid at night is a good way to counter this as night vision or thermal scopes won’t be prevalent when you’re most likely to be camped doing this quest, but just make sure you know where you’re going as Tarkov gets very dark.

Escape From Tarkov The Extortionist Cargo
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Once you unlock the door the cargo should be right there under the jacket on the floor. You will need to extract with the item and hand it back to Skier straight after the raid, so depending on your extraction points there are the two closest options. If the old gas station extract is still up then that is the easiest, but ZB-1012 and ZB-1011 are just as close. Otherwise, try the smuggler's boat by heading back west down the main road, or cross the river to head back to crossroads.

So, that just about rounds up our guide on how to complete the Escape From Tarkov The Extortionist quest. If you’ve not done the Escape From Tarkov Checking quest yet, make sure to head over to our guide for all you need to know to complete it.

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