Escape From Tarkov Best Crafts: How To Craft, Highest Profit

Escape From Tarkov Best Crafts: How To Craft, Highest Profit
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18th Aug 2022 12:08

If you're wondering what the Escape From Tarkov best crafts are in order to make the most profit, then you're in the right place. Crafting in Escape From Tarkov is a really great way to recycle otherwise lower value items into something that could be worth far more. So, if you're wanting to find out all of the Escape From Tarkov best crafts, then make sure to carry on reading.

Escape From Tarkov: How To Craft

Escape From Tarkov Best Crafts how to craft
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If you're not actually sure how to craft in Escape From Tarkov, it is thankfully a very easy process. All your crafts will be done from the Hideout, across the various modules. The current Hideout modules that you can craft from are the following:

  • Bitcoin farm
  • Booze generator
  • Intelligence Centre
  • Lavatory
  • Medstation
  • Nutrition unit
  • Water collector
  • Workbench

You will need to level each of these Hideout modules up if you want to unlock all of the available crafts, but that can be done by following our handy Escape From Tarkov Hideout items guide. 

Then, once you've unlocked the ability to craft, all you need to do is find the required items for any specific craft you wish to make. These can either be found in-raid, bought from Traders, or purchased from the Escape From Tarkov flea market

Furthermore, any item that you craft in your hideout will have the 'found in raid' status, meaning that it can be either used for any quests that you have, or sold directly on the flea market, which usually means the most profit.

Escape From Tarkov: Best Crafts For Profit

Escape From Tarkov Best Crafts profit
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When looking at the Escape From Tarkov best crafts for profit, you're going to want to first consider a couple of factors that can inform your decision.


First, the input cost is potentially not always going to be the same, as you might have some of the items already in your stash, you might have to buy the auxiliary tool if it's your first time doing the craft, or the price might be higher on the flea at the time of crafting. For a general look at the Escape From Tarkov best crafts for profit, we are going to be considering the overall average price of every item to give you a baseline that you could potentially improve upon.

Additionally, the more important calculation to look at beyond just standard profit is the profit per hour you will make from the item. An item that takes 12 hours to craft might make more profit than one that take 2 hours, but you can do the latter six times over, therefore making you far more money in the long run.

You could also potentially factor the price of Escape From Tarkov fuel into this as well, as you will need it to run most of the crafts. However, as the ideal situation will have you running multiple crafts at the same time, it is hard to properly configure what that value is, so we have opted to leave it out.

So, have a read on if you want to find out the Escape From Tarkov best crafts, ordered by the amount of profit per hour that you can make:

Craft (Module) Time Input cost Sale value (Flea market fee) Profit Profit per hour
Gunpowder "Eagle" x2 (Workbench L2) 1hr37M 9,250₽ (tool) + $125 (13,994₽) 58,000₽ (8,818₽) 35,188₽ 21,855₽
PCB x2 (Workbench L1) 33m 6,000₽ (tool) + 8,999₽ 22,000₽ (3,224₽) 9,777₽ 17,776₽
Bundle of wires x8 (Workbench L1) 1hr58m 28,888₽

72,000₽ (10,560₽)

32,552₽ 16,276₽
Bleach x5 (Lavatory L2) 38m 34,499₽ 51,895₽ (8,045₽) 9,351₽ 14,773₽
12/70 flechette x120 (Workbench L2) 2hr5m 34,999₽ (tools) 160,000₽ (fuel) 17,000₽ 71,000₽ (23,520₽) 30,480₽ 14,633₽
Cordura x1 (Lavatory L1) 48m 25,000₽ (tool) + 8,184₽ 19,420₽ (2,899₽) 8,337₽ 10,421₽
Aseptic bandage x6 (Lavatory L1) 31m 8,500₽ 15,798₽ (2,322₽) 4,976₽ 9,643₽
NIXXOR lens x2 (Workbench L2) 2hr31m 53,333₽ (tools) + €384 (45,308₽) + 15,999₽ 101,198₽ (16,454₽) 23,437₽ 9,300₽
Grizzly medical kit x2 (Medstation L3) 1hr15m 57,037₽ 79,998₽ (11,760₽) 11,201₽ 8,961₽
Superwater x1 (Water collector L3) 5hr25m 61,000₽ 118,000₽ (20,517₽) 36,483₽ 6,633₽
Moonshine x1 (Booze generator L1) 3hr3m 100,000₽ (+61,000 input from Superwater) 234,567₽ (33,167₽) 40,400₽ 4,753₽
Pile of meds x3 (Medstation L2) 48m 26,302₽ 34,260₽ (5,334₽) 2,624₽ 3,280₽
Secure Flash drive x3 (Intelligence Centre L2) 34hr13m 112,500₽ 158,997₽ (22,809₽) 23,694₽ 693₽

Something to consider is that you're not always going to be able to be there to collect your crafts right as they finish and put new ones on, so sometimes the ones like Flash drives and Superwater are going to suit you better due to their higher profit and longer craft time.

So, that's what the Escape From Tarkov best crafts are if you're looking to make the most profit and passively fill up your wallet. If you're unsure of what to actually spend your new pile of cash on, why not check out the Escape From Tarkov best guns and go into your next raid all kitted out.

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