Best & most profitable crafts in Escape from Tarkov

Best & most profitable crafts in Escape from Tarkov
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Keeping any of the best crafts on rotation in Escape from Tarkov is essential if you're looking to keep the roubles flowing, as the most profitable options can earn you millions with ease.

While the appeal of finding a LEDX or Labs keycard is overwhelmingly appealing, some of the most sustainable ways to earn money in the game are through crafts, as they do the work for you every day whether you're playing or not. You'll be able to afford the best ammo and all the meta weapons in no time by using these crafts, so waste no time and get started in your Hideout.

Best crafts for profit in Escape from Tarkov


Craft (Time) Input price Sale price (-Flea Market fee) Overall profit Profit per hour
Gunpowder "Eagle" x2 (1hr38) 23,520₽ 64,000₽ (-3,858₽) 36,622₽ 22,467₽
Plexiglass x1 (25 mins) 5,555₽ 10,000₽ (-634₽) 9,366₽ 22,300₽
5.45x39mm PP x180 (5hr32) 38,651₽ 153,000₽ (-8,280₽) 114,349₽ 20,678₽
.366 AP-M x100 (7hrs) 55,228₽ 210,000₽ (-15,200₽) 139,572₽ 19,939₽
Gunpower "Kite" x2 (1hr29) 6,360₽ 22,222₽ (-1,606₽) 14,256₽ 9,568₽
AKM x1 (1hr25) 31,218₽ 43,000₽ (-2,176₽) 9,606₽ 6,765₽

The Workbench has always remained the best source for profit in your Hideout, providing some different crafts that can make you money easily.

The Gunpowder 'Eagle' craft is the best overall, as it doesn't take too long and consistently rakes in a healthy profit.

As you have to wait until Workbench L2 to do this though, your best option at Workbench L1 is the Plexiglass craft, which provides only a fraction less in terms of profit-per-hour, but you do have to be more available to reset it due to it's short craft time.

Image of the Workbench in Escape from Tarkov
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Craft (Time) Input price Sale price (-Flea Market fee) Overall profit Profit per hour
Fleece x1 (43 mins) 4,536₽ 14,420₽ (-1,706₽) 8,178₽ 11,358₽
6L31 magazine x1 (1hr23) 29,716₽ 38,800₽ (-2,354₽) 6,730₽ 4,842₽
WD-40 100ml x2 (2hr30) 13,000₽ 24,000₽ (-1,438₽) 9,562₽ 3,825₽

The Lavatory isn't quite the money-making powerhouse that it once was, but you'd be silly to write it off completely.

All the best crafts are unfortunately reserved for Lavatory L2, but the Fleece is one I always keep on rotation - especially as you don't have to turn the power on for the Lavatory to work.


Craft (Time) Input price Sale price (-Flea Market fee) Overall profit Profit per hour
CMS x1 (49 mins) 22,395₽ 35,000₽ (-1,993₽) 10,612₽ 12,941₽
M.U.L.E. x1 (1hr32) 89,555₽ 111,111₽ (-11,128₽) 10,428₽ 6,816₽
Pile of meds x3 (48 mins) 35,970₽ 42,000₽ (-1,938₽) 4,092₽ 5,115₽

While not always bringing the most profit compared to other Hideout modules, the Medstation still gives you a decent amount when everything else is on, and can give you some handy items to use in your raids.

Image of the Medstation in Escape from Tarkov
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Water Collector / Booze Generator

Craft (Time) Input price Sale price (-Flea Market fee) Overall profit Profit per hour
Superwater (5hr25) ~17,820₽ 185,000₽ (-10,264₽) 156,916₽ 28,951₽
Moonshine (3hr04) 225,000₽ 268,888₽ (-13,000₽) 30,888₽ 10,094₽
Overall (8hr29) ~57,820₽ 268,888₽ (-13,000₽) 198,068₽ 23,357₽

The Superwater x Moonshine crafting combination has always been appealing to try in Escape from Tarkov, as it can give you a strong rouble-per-hour result despite taking over eight hours in total.

However, currently, it's better from a profit per hour result to just stick with the Superwater craft from the Water Collector at the moment. This can change though as Water Filters go up in price, so do keep your eyes on the market. The price for this is a rough estimate, as the Water Collector only uses 66% of each Filter you put in to craft a Superwater, so you're 'roughly' paying 66% of the total price with every new production.

One thing to consider with our calculations is that prices are always going to fluctuate daily. Supply and demand is very much a thing here - and items like the Water Filter will dramatically rise in price in the later stages of the wipe when more players have the Water Collector and Booze Generator built.

Furthermore, we haven't accounted for the price of auxiliary tools in our calculations as they aren't consumed with a craft, but you might need to take a slight loss on your first craft by buying the tool to do it.

I've also not accounted for the fuel costs of running each module outside of the Lavatory, as that is far too complex to calculate. Make sure to take that into consideration though, as there are many ways that you can recoup your fuel costs in the game as well.

Finally, while shorter crafts might give you a better profit per hour, you have to consider how often you'll be there to reset the craft and go again. If you're constantly at your PC, you should be ok, but if you work away from home or want to continue your crafts overnight, you might want to consider one of the longer options.

You'll now be able to start a passive money-making empire in your Hideout, so make sure to stay on top of your crafts to ensure that you're always making the most money.

Check out our dedicated Escape from Tarkov homepage to learn more about the hardcore extraction shooter. You can use your new-found riches to buy the best armour in the game, or maybe you'll want to improve your FPS by using our picks for the best settings.

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