Escape From Tarkov Introduction Mechanic Quest Guide: Jaeger’s Camp Location

Escape From Tarkov Introduction Mechanic Quest Guide: Jaeger’s Camp Location
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30th Jun 2022 12:00

The Escape From Tarkov Introduction quest is likely either the second or first task that players will undertake after a new Escape From Tarkov wipe. Quests are vital to your progression in Escape From Tarkov, but a lot of the time they can be obtuse, leaving you with minimal knowledge of where to go. So, if you're stuck on the Escape From Tarkov Introduction quest from Mechanic, then look no further than our guide below.

Escape From Tarkov Introduction Quest Details

Escape From Tarkov Introduction Quest Details
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If you follow our Escape From Tarkov quest order guide, then you will know that despite the level two requirement to start this quest, you can actually get your hands on it before you go into any raids. All you need to do is just identify every item in each trader's inventory, and you should just scrape past the level cap with the EXP gained from that.

What you need to do to actually complete the Escape From Tarkov Introduction quest is a bit more tricky than that, however.

There are three objectives that you will need to complete before you can hand over the quest, but they all kind of bundle into the one action anyway:

  • Find Jaeger's camp on the Escape From Tarkov Woods map
  • Obtain Jaeger's encrypted message
  • Hand over the message to Mechanic

As mentioned, although these are three separate tasks, they are all part of the same action. The message is inside the camp, and then you just need to extract from the raid to hand it back over to Mechanic. You do need to be careful though, as dying after you've picked up the message will mean that you'll have to go back and get it again. In addition, you must make sure to hand it over to Mechanic as soon as you return from the raid, as going into another raid and dying there will mean that you will have to start the quest from the beginning.

As a reward for completing the quest, you will receive the following:

  • 30,000 Roubles
  • 4,500 EXP
  • An increase of 0.03 to your Mechanic rep
  • Unlocks Jaeger as a trader

The most important part of completing this quest is the last reward, as it is currently the only quest in the game that has a whole new trader as an unlock. This opens up new items to be bought, and a whole new questline to follow.


How To Complete The Escape From Tarkov Introduction Quest

Escape From Tarkov Introduction Jaeger's Camp
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If you're wondering how to complete the Escape From Tarkov Introduction quest from Mechanic, then it is a pretty simple process - if you know where you're going that is.

You'll first want to head onto the Woods map, and you'll be aiming to get to the crashed plane in the south-east of the map. If you head into the wooded area to the east of the Sawmill and north of the giant Sniper Rock then it shouldn't be too hard to miss.

Once you get to the plane, Jaeger's camp can be found to the right of the top of the plane if you're facing the cockpit. It's not really a camp in the traditional sense, but more of a tiny treehouse. The subtask should pop as complete once you reach the camp as well, so you'll know when you hit it.

Escape From Tarkov Introduction Letter
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The note can be found 'inside' the bottom of the camp, and it will just look like a ripped piece of white paper. It can be quite hard to spot at first, but if you rotate round the structure you should be able to find it eventually.

Once you've picked it up, all you need to do now is extract, which obviously depends on which ones you have available. If you have any of the Roadblock extracts, then all you need to do is head down to the lake to the south and follow it round left. If you've got the Outskirts extract though, that's a bit more of a trek, but the same process can be followed, following the lake round right instead.

The main tricky part of this quest - especially at the start of a new Escape From Tarkov wipe is that so many other players will be flocking to the camp, making it a high danger spot. It is worth thinking about how likely you are to survive, and balancing your loadout based on the cost to effectiveness ratio of that. Check out our Escape From Tarkov new wipe tips for more information on that end though.

Running this raid at night can be a good way to alleviate some of the danger, as it can be a lot harder to see and thus making you a much less open target. The only trouble with this though is that you do really need to know the Woods map to be able to navigate yourself in the dark, so it's not an ideal route for new players.

Can You Complete The Escape From Tarkov Introduction Quest As A Scav?

Escape From Tarkov Introduction Complete As Scav
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Unfortunately you are unable to complete the Escape From Tarkov Introduction quest as a scav, meaning that you have to do it as your PMC character. Some collection based quests in the game allow you to pick up and hand over items you find as a scav, but as this task is centred around a quest-specific item, this unfortunately only spawns when you are playing as your PMC, so it will not even be there if you went as a scav.

So, that wraps up our guide for the Escape From Tarkov Introduction quest, giving you all the tips you'll need to find Jaeger's camp and hand the letter over to Mechanic. If you're wanting help with another tricky early game quest, check out our guide for the Escape From Tarkov Checking quest.

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