How to complete Gunsmith Part 9 in Escape from Tarkov, including all parts

How to complete Gunsmith Part 9 in Escape from Tarkov, including all parts
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15th Jan 2024 16:18


Gunsmith Part 9 is one of the many weapon modification quests from Mechanic in Escape from Tarkov, and we've got all of the parts you'll need to complete it and claim your rewards.

While what you need to do is often laid out in simple terms, finding the right parts (and at the right price) is a completely different story. It's not uncommon to be left confused by the game, so I'm here to help you out with the correct configuration to save any stress.

How to complete Gunsmith Part 9

Image showing you the exact preset to complete Gunsmith Part 9 in Escape from Tarkov
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In order to complete Gunsmith Part 9 you will need to acquire the following parts, which are listed below alongside their price and where you can buy them:

  • SIG P226R 9x19 pistol ($118, Peacekeeper LL1)
  • P226 9x19 threaded barrel ($14, Peacekeeper LL1)
  • P226 TJ's Custom 9x19 compensator (3,136₽, Mechanic LL1)
  • P226 9x19 20-round extended magazine ($26, Peacekeeper LL1)
  • NcSTAR Tactical blue laser LAM-module (5,658₽, Skier LL1)
  • P226 Stainless Elite Wooden pistol grip (4,760₽, Mechanic LL2)
  • P226 Stainless Elite pistol slide (2,240₽, Mechanic LL2)

Most of these parts can be bought from the offset, but the pistol grip and pistol slide will have to wait until Mechanic LL2, which can cause some issues. You can always buy them on the Flea Market, but they're often extremely inflated due to the demand.

Image showing you the parts needed to complete Gunsmith Part 9 in Escape from Tarkov
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I always just wait until Mechanic LL2 unlocks at level 20, as the 0.15 reputation needed isn't too bad and it'll save you a lot of money in the long run.

This combination of parts will ensure that you meet the recoil and ergonomics requirements, alongside all of the specified custom parts for the weapon too. You can swap the NcSTAR for any tactical device you find or have already in your stash - it's just that the one we've chosen is the cheapest to buy outright.

How to unlock Gunsmith Part 9 in Escape from Tarkov

  • Reach at least level 19
  • Complete Gunsmith Part 8
  • Wait at least 21 hours after completing Gunsmith Part 8

The wait is what confuses most players, as it's one of the few quests in the game that require a 'cooling-off' between quests, leading many to believe that they're missing another requirement.

Make sure to check Mechanic after the time has passed and the new quest should be there waiting for you to accept and complete. What's more, you can always build the weapon in advance as there's no need to wait for that.

All Gunsmith Part 9 rewards

  • +0.02 Mechanic reputation
  • 9,800 XP
  • 300 Euros
  • Unlocks M4A1 (SOPMOD I) at Mechanic LL3
  • Unlocks 5.7x28mm R37.F at Mechanic LL3

These rewards aren't the best, with R37.F offering little desirability for 5.7x28 weapons, and the SOPMOD I isn't great compared to its Mk II variant.

You can never turn down reputation and XP increases though, and a small bundle of Euros is definitely welcome in anyone's stash.

You can find more quest guides and other helpful tips on our dedicated Escape from Tarkov homepage, including a list of all the current meta weapons and a full ammo tier list so you know what you should be taking into every single raid.

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