Escape From Tarkov Skybridge Key: Where to Find and Use Primorsky 46-48 Skybridge Key

Escape From Tarkov Skybridge Key: Where to Find and Use Primorsky 46-48 Skybridge Key
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Harry Boulton


10th Jan 2023 10:11

The Escape From Tarkov Skybridge Key is a recent addition to the game alongside Streets of Tarkov, and is vital if you want to complete some of the newly added quests. As always in Escape From Tarkov things aren't the most clear, and many players are desperately seeking a way to unlock the Primorsky 46-48 door.

So, make sure to read the rest of this guide if you want to know where to find and use the new Escape From Tarkov Skybridge Key.

Where to Find the Escape From Tarkov Skybridge Key

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Thankfully unlike some rather notorious quest-based keys in Tarkov (looking at you RB-KSM) the Escape From Tarkov Skybridge Key does have a few static spawns that you can rely on.

In even better news, they are not only found on the Streets of Tarkov map - where you will be able to use the key - but they are also all within very close proximity of each other. This means that if you do a quick check every time you're running Streets you should have the key in no time.

Here are the dedicated static spawns for the Escape From Tarkov Skybridge Key:

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You will want to head to Brodion Pub, which is found on the north east side of the map just south of the Scav Checkpoint extract.

Once inside the pub, most of the static spawns are found within the reception/bar area, which are shown as follows:

On the Bar

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The first static spawn can be found on the edge of the bar, where the entry point would be for the staff.

Next to the Sports Bag

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If you turn left immediately after you enter through the main door of the pub you should see a black sofa with a sports bag on it. The key can spawn on the sofa to the right of this sports bag.

On the Painting Chair

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On the right-hand side of the pub (if you're looking from the entry point) you can find a chair with some paintings sitting on it. The Escape From Tarkov Skybridge Key can spawn on the chair.

Between the Sofa and Flipped Table

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To the right of the painting chair you can see a flipped sofa and table with a chair in between. The key has a chance to spawn on this chair.

On the Boxes Towards the Kitchen

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If you head through the door to the right of the bar towards the kitchen you should see some cardboard boxes on the right, just past the doorway and before a chair. The key can spawn on these boxes.

As you can see, these spawn points are really close together, meaning that you'll be able to quickly scan them all whenever you're near the Brodion Pub.

Where to Use the Escape From Tarkov Skybridge Key

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Once you've managed to pick up the key, it is now a case of actually finding out where to use it. As the name suggests, the key is used for an apartment building atop of the Skybridge, but that is rather vague if you don't know where to look.

Make sure to follow these directions though if you want to find where to use the Escape From Tarkov Skybridge Key:

From Brodion Pub, head north towards the Scav Checkpoint extract and follow the road round to the right until you're on the other side of the buildings. Continue heading south until you reach a playground on the right-hand side and the skybridge will be directly to your left - marked by a pirate flag.

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Head underneath the Skybridge and look right to find a building with a dead scav outside of it. Break through the window next to the dead scav, move forward through the room and head out of the door at the back right.

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From that doorway you should see another door with a yellow sign on it right in front of you - go through there and turn left. Then, head through the double doors with the exit sign above to be greeted by a staircase.

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Head all the way up the staircase to the top floor and then go through the door. This should take you outside onto the rooftop. There then should be another door right across from you, and that is where you will use the Escape From Tarkov Skybridge Key.

What Quests Require the Escape From Tarkov Skybridge Key?

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There are two quests that require the Escape From Tarkov Skybridge Key and they are:

  • Ballet Lover (Ragman)
  • Audiophile (Ragman)

These two quests cannot be done at the same time, as you must have completed Ballet Lover in order to gain access to Audiophile. This will leave you in a rather tricky situation, as the Escape From Tarkov Primorsky 46-48 Skybridge Key has just a single use, meaning that you will have to find it once again for Audiophile, even if you manage to survive Ballet Lover.

This makes figuring out the static spawn even more important, as you won't be able to rely on a lucky scav drop or jacket find in order to complete both of these quests. It is rather strange that Battlestate Games have implemented this, but it is likely all part of their larger plan of making the game lengthier and more RPG-focused.

So, that should give you everything you need to know about the Escape From Tarkov Skybridge Key, so you can now complete all of the related quests from Ragman and progress him further. If you want to up your FPS on Streets though, make sure to have a read of this Escape From Tarkov best settings guide.

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