Escape From Tarkov BP Depot Prapor Quest Guide

Escape From Tarkov BP Depot Prapor Quest Guide
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31st May 2022 17:43

If you’re lost doing the Escape From Tarkov BP Depot quest, look no further than our guide below. This Escape From Tarkov quest can be tough if you don’t know where you’re going, but we’ve got you covered. You’ll be handing BP Depot back to Prapor in no time. So, have a read on for all you need to know about the Escape From Tarkov BP Depot quest.

Escape From Tarkov BP Depot Quest Details

Escape From Tarkov BP Depot Marker
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Prapor’s in search of some fuel and he’s recruited you to mark some tanks for him. The Escape From Tarkov BP Depot task is actually fairly straightforward in principle: all you need to do is place markers on four fuel tanks scattered around Customs - you don’t even need to extract. The catch for this quest is finding the four tankers though, as wandering aimlessly around Customs will only lead to death.

You will need a MS2000 marker to place on each of the fuel tankers, but thankfully Prapor is kind enough to drop you over enough to complete the quest after you accept it - how kind of him. If you do lose any though you'll have to buy extra from Prapor himself for 15,177 Roubles - he is a businessman after all. However, to avoid having to buy any more, pop as many markers as you plan to plant in a raid in your secure container to make sure that even if you do die, they don't get lost.

In terms of rewards, you’ll be on the receiving end of 2800 EXP, 30,000 Roubles, one expeditionary fuel tank, and two extra MS2000 markers. You will gain 0.03 Prapor rep, but at the cost of losing 0.01 rep with Jaeger if you have unlocked him.


How To Complete The Escape From Tarkov BP Depot Quest

Escape From Tarkov BP Depot Planting Prompt
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There are four separate tankers that you will need to mark on Customs, all of which will be pretty easy to find if you know the key areas of the map.

When you find each tanker, go over to the orange back section and there should be a prompt to place with a green outline. Hit the interact button and then you will have to protect the plant for a short period of time - which essentially boils down to not dying.

Escape From Tarkov BP Depot New Gas Station
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The first mark point can be found at the new gas station around the back, meaning if you’re coming from the crossroads spawn you’ll have to go through or around the left side of the station. The Scav boss Reshala can spawn at new gas station though, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled for him and his bodyguards and be prepared for a tough fight.

Escape From Tarkov BP Depot Construction
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The second fuel tanker to mark is the exact same one you will have found the bronze pocket watch for the Escape From Tarkov Checking quest, so you should be familiar with where to head for that. However, in case you have forgotten, it is in the middle of the construction site past the tankers, and can be easily found if you follow the road down from dorms.

Escape From Tarkov BP Depot Old Gas Station
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Old gas station is where you’ll find the third tanker to mark. It will be on the south side next to the building so you won’t miss it. A handful of Scavs can - and often do - spawn here though so don’t run in unprepared. They should give you fair warning with a shout though so you should be fine.

Escape From Tarkov BP Depot Crossroads
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The fourth and final fuel tanker is located directly south of the crossroads extract, outside the southwest side of storage. If you’re lucky with your spawn you could be only a stone’s throw away from this tanker which gives you a nice head start. It is a hot PMC spawn point though so don’t feel too safe and protect your mark closely.

Escape From Tarkov BP Depot Quest Route

Escape From Tarkov BP Depot Welcome To Tarkov
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If you’re wanting to get the Escape From Tarkov BP Depot quest done as quickly as possible, you can easily do it in one single raid with these two routes. Of course, the route you take is dependent on which side of Customs you spawn on, but they are both easy to follow. 

If you spawn on the west side, the fourth tanker by the crossroads extract is the easiest starting point. From there, head across the river with the junk bridge and head up the main road and turn south at the bottom of the road from dorms to move past the tankers and mark the construction fuel truck. After that, return to the main road and head east past bus terminal until you get to new gas station. Mark that tanker and continue east until you see the hole in the wall on the right just past the white UN vehicle.

Squeeze through that and head back west until you can turn south past warehouse four and towards old gas station. Once you’ve planted the mark at old gas station you’re free to do what you want but if you’re happy to get out either use the old gas extract if its still up, or head west at the tracks for ZB-1012 or ZB-1011.

If you spawn on the east side or at old gas station you’re essentially going to want to take the reverse route, leading you back to the crossroads extract. In short, it will be a route of new gas station or old gas station depending on the spawn, construction site, and then crossroads to finish it off.

That rounds off our guide for the Escape From Tarkov BP Depot quest, and you should be set now with all the information needed to complete it. If this has left you wondering how long you have until the next Escape From Tarkov wipe, then look no further than our guide for all you’ll need to know.

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