Escape From Tarkov Bitcoin Farm: Is It Worth Doing?

Escape From Tarkov Bitcoin Farm: Is It Worth Doing?
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22nd Aug 2022 17:18

The Escape From Tarkov Bitcoin Farm is seen as the general end goal for many players' Hideouts, giving the potential to provide a passive income stream that can potentially reach millions of Roubles. Money is everything in Escape From Tarkov, as it allows you to buy the best gear and weapons without the added fear of not being able to buy them back if you die. So, if you're wanting to find out if the Escape From Tarkov is worth the investment, then make sure to carry on reading.

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What Is The Escape From Tarkov Bitcoin Farm?

Escape From Tarkov Bitcoin Farm Details
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If you're new to the game, or if you've never taken the plunge to build it, the Escape From Tarkov Bitcoin Farm is a Hideout module that acts almost identically to regular Bitcoin mining, just without the severe environmental impact or extortionate GPU prices.

It uses an input of Graphics Cards in order to produce a single Bitcoin (0.2 BTC) every couple of hours - depending on how many GPUs you have inserted. It is an extremely heavy investment that is likely to be the last thing you build in your Hideout, but it historically has been the key to securing a significant passive income stream in-game. 

If you're wondering what exactly you'll need to build the Escape From Tarkov Bitcoin Farm, make sure to have a read of our Escape From Tarkov Hideout items list for all the details. 

Is The Escape From Tarkov Bitcoin Farm Still Worth Doing?

Escape From Tarkov Bitcoin Farm Worth Doing?
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While it was once a money making machine, if you're wondering whether the Escape From Tarkov Bitcoin Farm is worth doing now, the general answer is probably not, unless you do it early

The main issue with the perceived value of the Escape From Tarkov Bitcoin Farm is both the status of the Bitcoin (0.2 BTC) as one of the Escape From Tarkov flea market banned items, and the link between the real-world Bitcoin price and the price in Tarkov. You see, when Battlestate Games says they want to make the game realistic, they really mean it, linking the price of Tarkov currencies like Dollars, Roubles, and Bitcoin to their real-world counterparts.


We saw another major effect of this when the Rouble fell in value hard in early 2022, as the price of the dollar in game increased, making certain items much more expensive. The same has happened with Bitcoin, as the real life price decline has severely affected the price in-game. Of course, due to this, the price of Graphics Cards has also declined, as their primary use was the Bitcoin Farm, but it is still a bit too much to make the Hideout module really worth it for most.

Of course, all of this information is based on the current Graphics Card and Bitcoin prices in-game, which currently sit at 320,000₽ and 121,000₽ respectively. You can also factor in the price of fuel if you want to, as the Bitcoin Farm requires the Generator to be constantly running to be making money, but we will discount it from our calculations due to the ability to use the Escape From Tarkov best crafts to make money at the same time.

Using the Tarkov Bitcoin Farm Calculator, and inputting the correct current prices, we can see that the Roubles per hour (not profit) generated from the Bitcoin farm ranges between 5,007₽ and 17,574₽, depending on how many GPUs you have installed. 

The reason for this is due to the increase in production speed that having more GPUs brings, giving you a faster turnaround time (24 hours versus seven) and therefore more money made.

You do though need to factor in the cost of both the upgrade materials, and the GPUs that you will have to purchase to reach this highest number. If just taking the price of the Graphics Cards - which is currently roughly 16,000,000₽ for 50 - it would take you just under 38 full days of constant Bitcoin production to just break even.

This of course does not factor in the price of upgrading the Hideout module to the level that lets you have all 50 installed, which comes to another whopping 3,201,587₽, and that doesn't even take into account the implicit cost of the other required modules. This takes the time needed to break even up to 60 whole days - or roughly one third of an Escape From Tarkov wipe.

Due to the fact that it will take the average Escape From Tarkov player about two months at least give or take to acquire the materials and money to build the Bitcoin Farm, it means that they would end up not making a single penny from the module for the first two-thirds of the wipe cycle. Of course, after this, you will be making about 420,000₽ every single day, but it is a long time to be 20,000,000₽ in the red.

Comparatively, back in March 2022, when Bitcoin was up at 400,000₽ and Graphics Cards were roughly 468,000₽, it would have taken you a measly 17 days to break even on the GPU price at full capacity, and you would have been making just under 1,400,000₽ daily, which goes a long way in Tarkov.

Of course, if you have a hoard of money, and especially if you get it done early then the Escape From Tarkov Bitcoin Farm is still probably worth completing, but you really have to think a lot harder about the investment cost and how much of the wipe you have left now. 

So, that wraps it up for this guide on the Escape From Tarkov Bitcoin Farm, giving you all the information you'll need if you're thinking of crafting the Hideout module. If you've gone ahead and made the jump, then why not check out this list of the Escape From Tarkov best guns so you can see what to spend your newly earned money on.

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