Escape From Tarkov Out Of Curiosity Therapist Quest Guide

Escape From Tarkov Out Of Curiosity Therapist Quest Guide
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25th Aug 2022 11:43

The Escape From Tarkov Out of Curiosity quest from Therapist presents players with one of the hardest choices in the game, and can be quite difficult to recover from if you get it wrong. While most quests in Escape From Tarkov operate in a linear fashion, some let you pick a path with great rewards but simultaneously significant punishments. So, for all there is to know about the Escape From Tarkov Out of Curiosity quest, make sure to carry on reading down below.

Escape From Tarkov Out Of Curiosity Quest Details

Escape From Tarkov Out Of Curiosity Quest Details
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While in theory, the Escape From Tarkov Out of Curiosity quest operates in the same way as many other tasks in the game, it sits right at the middle of a rather major progression crossroad in the game. 

After completing Chemical Part 3 and accepting the Chemical Part 4 quest, Out of Curiosity will unlock alongside the Big Customer task from Prapor. All three tasks look fairly inconspicuous but require you to do the exact same thing and hand it over to them. 

The catch here is that completing one of the three quests will fail the other two, resulting in a -0.25 rep penalty for the two Escape From Tarkov Traders that you didn't choose. This is a huge penalty that, depending on your current progress, could wipe out almost all of your built-up rep. 

After making your choice, two 'forgiveness' quests are unlocked for the Traders that you didn't choose, allowing you to regain the lost rep, but some are harder - or more costly than others so it is important to choose wisely.

In terms of completing the quest though, the objectives are the same for all three Traders, with the only difference being who you hand it over to in the end. You will have to do the following to complete the Out of Curiosity, Chemical Part 4, or Big Customer quests:

  • Find the transport with the chemicals
  • Mark the chemical transport vehicle with an MS2000 Marker
  • Survive and extract from Customs

The rewards for completing the three quests are different too, so we will detail all three right here.

Out of Curiosity Quest Rewards

  • 170,000 Roubles
  • 7,700 XP
  • An increase of 0.04 to your Therapist rep
  • One Injector Case

Chemical Part 4 Quest Rewards

  • 35,000 Roubles
  • 6,500 XP
  • An increase of 0.04 to your Skier rep
  • One Grenade Case
  • Unlocks ability to purchase ZSh-1-2M helmet (Black) at Ragman LL3

Big Customer Quest Rewards

  • 200,000 Roubles
  • 8,100 XP
  • An increase of 0.03 to your Prapor rep
  • One 6B2 body armour
  • Two Ammunition Cases


Make sure to keep reading if you're wondering how to complete the quest, and which is the best Trader to hand the quest item over to.

How To Complete The Escape From Tarkov Out Of Curiosity Quest

Escape From Tarkov Out Of Curiosity How To Complete
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Completing the Escape From Tarkov Out of Curiosity quest - or any of the other two if you choose them - is actually a fairly simple process. All you need to do is head to Customs and plant a single marker with fairly low risk.

You'll want to head to the boiler side of Customs, in the area with the three large warehouses. If you're looking towards New Gas Station, you'll want to head into the warehouse to your right, which is called Container if you're familiar with callouts, opposite Warehouse 4, and closest to the wire gate.

Escape From Tarkov Out Of Curiosity van
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Once inside the warehouse, you'll want to have a look for a van with an open back. This shouldn't be hard to find as it is fairly out in the open. Once you've found it, place the marker when the prompt appears, and wait for the 30-second timer to count down. As usual, you don't need to be in any close proximity to this marker, so you can run away and hide in a bush, but you must be alive for the whole duration. 

Once the marker timer has finished, you'll want to head to the nearest extract and escape safely. If you do happen to die, will have to head back into Customs to extract again, but you won't have to place the marker so you can just do a quiet and safe run if you want. 

Then, all you need to do is complete the quest with whoever you want to choose, which we will weigh up in the following section.

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Out Of Curiosity, Chemical Part 4, Or Big Customer?

Escape From Tarkov Out Of Curiosity Choice
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Deciding which quest to complete depends on a number of factors - including which edition of the game you have - but the best overall quest to complete is Out of Curiosity.

From a purely rewards perspective, completing Out of Curiosity is a clear winner, giving you an Injector Case which is not only one of the strongest items in the entire game, but also worth 1,000,000₽ on the Escape From Tarkov flea market.

The tricky part comes in the form of the forgiveness quests. As the -0.25 rep penalty is so significant, you'll want to make sure to complete the forgiveness quests as soon as possible, but some are more costly than others. Here's a full rundown of the three forgiveness quests for you to weigh up:

Trust Regain Objectives (Therapist)

  • Obtain and hand over one Dorm room 303 key
  • Obtain and hand over one ZB-014 key
  • Obtain and hand over one Military checkpoint key
  • Obtain and hand over one Gas station storage room key

Loyalty Buyout Objectives (Skier)

  • Hand over 1,000,000₽ to Skier

No Offence Objectives (Prapor)

  • Obtain and hand over 10 M67 Grenades

As you can see, this is where the decision gets a bit trickier. Suddenly the value of the 1,000,000₽ Injector Case shrinks when you have to hand the same amount straight back to Skier. 

However, if you have either the Prepare for Escape or Edge of Darkness editions of the game, you can somewhat bypass the Skier quest. As you are given an initial boost of 0.2 rep to all Traders with those two editions of the game, you can somewhat ignore the -0.25 reduction, especially when it comes to Skier. 

Outside of Therapist perhaps, Skier is probably the Trader that is the easiest to gain rep for, so with the added boost of 0.2 you can fairly easily ignore the 0.25 reduction and still meet the 0.75 needed to max his Trader level out, and stay 1,000,000₽ richer too.

If you don't have those two editions of the game though, the decision becomes a little more complicated. Of course, if you have the funds lying around feel free to just pay Skier off directly and take the Injector Case from Therapist, but there is a way to save a bit of money in the long run by picking Chemical Part 4 to complete. 

The keys required to regain forgiveness from Therapist will set you back about 50,000₽ on the flea market, and the grenades for Prapor will cost about 100,000₽, presuming you don't have any lying around already. Furthermore, selling the Grenade Case from completing Chemical Part 4 to Therapist for 321,000₽, and the additional 35,000₽ will make a total of 206,000₽ profit. You can then use this extra money to buy an Injector Case from the flea market, and if you're really desperate for a Grenade Case you can always craft one using some leftover Escape From Tarkov fuel in the Lavatory module. 

It is not the most ideal route, and still leaves you having to lay down roughly 800,000₽, but it is far better than having to climb the mountain that would be a 0.25 rep reduction.

So, that's all you need to know about the Escape From Tarkov Out of Curiosity quest, giving you all the details to inform your decision about which quest to complete out of the three. If you're wanting a good way to make back the money you might have had to spend, then why not check out our Escape From Tarkov best crafts guide.

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