Escape From Tarkov Player Count: How Many People Play Escape From Tarkov?

Escape From Tarkov Player Count: How Many People Play Escape From Tarkov?
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Harry Boulton


30th Jun 2022 14:30

It feels like the Escape From Tarkov player count is growing with every new update, which is especially impressive for a game that is still technically in beta. Since its initial release in July 2017, Escape From Tarkov has dramatically expanded its player base, growing to one of the biggest FPS games on PC. However, if you’re wanting to know exactly how big the Escape From Tarkov player count is, make sure to keep on reading.

What Is The Escape From Tarkov Player Count?

Escape From Tarkov Player Count
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Unfortunately, there's no precise way to know for sure what the exact Escape From Tarkov player count is, as it is operated exclusively through their own servers and launcher, as opposed to being through the Steam platform.

The only information we have had regarding any Escape From Tarkov concurrent player count numbers is a post on Reddit from the game’s lead developer Nikita Buyanov on May 30, 2020. In this post, he states that with the 0.12.06 patch the game achieved a new concurrent record of 200,000 players.


However, as this was over two years ago, one can assume that this has been surpassed and that the game has reached even higher heights. 

However, one other way you can relatively measure player counts (or at least, player interest) is through Twitch viewership numbers. As it is a thriving game on Twitch regardless, you can notice when it becomes even more popular, and that usually equates to a larger player count in game.

Escape From Tarkov Twitch Numbers

Escape From Tarkov Player Count Twitch
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As you can see from the graph above, the game has huge viewership spikes at certain points in the year, which are unsurprisingly after every Escape From Tarkov wipe. Currently, the peak concurrent viewership of the game was achieved on 28 December 2021, where the game hit 475,546 viewers.

That occurred in the days following the 12.12 patch, but it would not be surprising if this was broken with the most recent 12.12.30 patch - which you can read all about in the Escape From Tarkov 12.12.30 patch notes.

It is still unknown whether Escape From Tarkov will come to Steam when it reaches its 1.0 release, but if it does, we will then be able to fully track the concurrent and peak player numbers.

So, that wraps up everything we currently know about the Escape From Tarkov player count, but don’t be surprised if this goes up even more in the future. If you’re playing right at the start of the new 12.12.30 wipe, don’t miss these Escape From Tarkov new wipe tips to get you started off the right way.

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