Escape From Tarkov Letters Quest Guide - Sanitar Event

Escape From Tarkov Letters Quest Guide - Sanitar Event
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15th Nov 2022 16:55

The Escape From Tarkov Letters quest from Mechanic is a new task that has been added to the game to coincide with the ongoing Sanitar event. While mid and end of wipe events in Escape From Tarkov are nothing new, we rarely get new quests to pair with them, which makes this one all the more exciting. So, to find out the full details, rewards, and best practice for the Escape From Tarkov Letters quest, make sure to carry on reading down below.

Escape From Tarkov Letters Quest Details

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As mentioned, the Escape From Tarkov Letters quest arrived with the new Sanitar event, and, you guessed it, revolves around Sanitar himself. The quest requires you to kill the Shoreline scav boss with every single weapon type in the game, with each type having its own separate objective for you to tick off.

The objectives for the quest are as follows:

  • Eliminate Sanitar while using assault rifles
  • Eliminate Sanitar while using assault carbines
  • Eliminate Sanitar while using machine guns
  • Eliminate Sanitar while using SMGs
  • Eliminate Sanitar while using shotguns
  • Eliminate Sanitar while using marksman rifles
  • Eliminate Sanitar while using bolt-action rifles
  • Eliminate Sanitar while using grenade launchers
  • Eliminate Sanitar while using pistols or revolvers
  • Eliminate Sanitar while using melee weapons
  • Eliminate Sanitar while using throwable weapons

As you can see, this is an incredibly difficult task, especially towards the end of the objectives when you have to use things like throwables and melee weapons. While not all of your damage has to come from the one weapon type, you must make sure that the killing blow is done by the right weapon.

If you're wondering which weapons fall under the specified weapon types, all you need to do is head to the Weapons tab in the handbook, and there will be subsections for each weapon type above showing all of the available options. Machine guns for example only has the RPK-16 currently, although it has not been tested as to whether the machine guns in Stronghold count!

If you're unaware of the Sanitar event, then this quest might seem even more difficult, due to his low and scattered spawn rate on Shoreline. However, during the event Sanitar no longer spawns on Shoreline at all, and instead has a guaranteed 100% spawn inside and around Stronghold on Customs, so you can rush there and know that you'll find him every time.

Escape From Tarkov Letters Quest Rewards

In terms of rewards, completing the Escape From Tarkov Letters quest for Mechanic will land you the following:

  • An increase of 0.15 to your Mechanic rep
  • One Altyn face shield
  • One Pack of Sugar
  • Two "Obdolbos" cocktail injector
  • One AK Hexagon DTKP MK.2 7.62x39 sound suppressor

While not the best rewards considering the effort you had to put in, it makes you realise that the real prize was the fun that you had along the way.

How To Complete The Escape From Tarkov Letters Quest

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While this quest might be straightforward on paper, you do actually have to remember that Sanitar is still difficult to take down, especially with some of the weaponry you'll have to end up using.

In terms of finding him, as mentioned, he has a guaranteed spawn rate at Stronghold on Customs. If you're unsure where that is, it is the big skeleton building in the middle of the construction site, beside the Old Gas Station. If you were planning on looking for him at his usual Shoreline spots though you'll be out of luck, as he has been completely removed from the map for the time being.

However, the tricky part probably won't end up being Sanitar himself, but instead, the other players looking to take him down too. Stronghold was already a hot PvP spot on Customs, and now it is guaranteed to be even more populated.
If you can manage to avoid everyone though, you'll have to be wary of the two well-armed and armoured guards that patrol with Sanitar, and obviously the man himself. The best advice for taking him down is to rely solely on right-hand peeks, use grenades to locate him and flush him out, and use high flesh damage bullets.

As Sanitar does not wear any armour, and has a total of 1,270 HP, you're going to want to opt for rounds that can shred through this as quickly as possible, while also maintaining enough penetration to handle his guards and any other PMCs hovering about. 

Here's a list of the best weapon in each category to deal with Sanitar, weighing up the best overall performance, and also access to ammo that will help you deal with the scav boss best:

  • Assault Rifle - ASh-12/Mk47/RD-704
  • Assault Carbine - RFB
  • Machine Gun - RPK-16
  • SMG - Vector .45
  • Shotgun - Super 90
  • Marksman Rifle - Mk-18/RSASS
  • Bolt-Action Rifle - AXMC
  • Grenade Launcher - M32A1
  • Pistol/Revolver - SR-1MP
  • Melee Weapon - Antique Axe
  • Throwable Weapon - RGN/RGO hand grenade

While any weapon can do the job, the ones found above will give you the best chance at taking Sanitar down and completing the quest with as little pain as possible.

So, that's how to complete the new Escape From Tarkov Letters quest, and hopefully, it won't take you too many tries from now on, especially if you were hopelessly searching Pier, Cottages, and Resort. If you want to know how to improve your FPS and visibility though, make sure to check out our Escape From Tarkov best settings guide.

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