What happened to Edge of Darkness in Escape from Tarkov?

What happened to Edge of Darkness in Escape from Tarkov?
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Harry Boulton


9th Jan 2024 16:00

Edge of Darkness was formerly the most expensive edition of Escape from Tarkov, but its disappearance from the store has left many players wondering what exactly happened to it.

The edition itself gave you an abundance of benefits in-game, including an expanded stash and access to Arena - the new standalone TDM spin-off mode. For one reason or another though, Battlestate Games has decided to remove EoD from purchase in rather controversial circumstances.

Where has Edge of Darkness gone?

Edge of Darkness has been permanently removed from the Escape from Tarkov store by Battlestate Games, and will likely never return in the future.

The reason for this is somewhat unknown and could be down to a number of factors such as the release of Arena - which came bundled with the EoD edition, the game's current proximity to a full release, or BSG's own evaluation of the benefits included in the most expensive version of the game.

This is quite a blow to new and long-time players who have never made the upgrade, as Edge of Darkness is widely seen as the best way to play Tarkov due to the benefits that it brings to your account.

Image of the Prepare to Escape edition of Escape from Tarkov
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While you can more than enjoy your experience playing the game with the 'Standard', 'Left Behind', or 'Prepare for Escape' editions of the game, there were significant benefits included in EoD that made the experience a whole lot more straightforward.

One of the best upgrades was the inclusion of the 'Gamma Container', which gives an extra eight cells (6x6) to your secure container that you can use to avoid losing items upon death.

You also get an initial 0.2 standing with all Traders in the game, meaning that you can climb up their loyalty levels much faster, giving you earlier access to better gear and items. Combine this with a significantly larger stash size and an abundance of bonus items at the start of each wipe, and you can see why EoD was so popular despite the dramatically increased price tag.

Will Edge of Darkness accounts keep their benefits?

For the time being, all Edge of Darkness accounts will keep their benefits and maintain the EoD status through this current wipe and likely beyond into the next one.

This could be very much subject to change, but it would be highly unlikely that Battlestate Games removes what many players have paid a lot of money for with no prior warning. It wouldn't be surprising if things are changed once the game reaches its full release, but that still could be a long way off so don't feel too bad if you've only just forked out for Edge of Darkness.

Image of the Hideout stash upgrade in Escape from Tarkov
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Hopefully, there will be some form of replacement for Edge of Darkness in the future, or a way to organically earn the benefits in-game for those who have missed out on the new edition, much like how you can unlock the stash upgrades via the Hideout.

In the meantime, make sure to check out our packed Escape from Tarkov homepage for any other queries you might have, as we've got all of the best ammo and meta weapons to use right now.

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