Escape From Tarkov Corporate Secrets Mechanic Quest Guide

Escape From Tarkov Corporate Secrets Mechanic Quest Guide
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1st Jun 2022 12:50

The Escape From Tarkov Corporate Secrets quest from Mechanic is one that can cause issue with a lot of players. Situated on the Lighthouse Escape From Tarkov map, this task has the potential to put you in some tough fights - all for a couple of bits of paper. However, if you’re stuck and wanting to progress beyond the Escape From Tarkov Corporate Secrets quest, look no further than our guide below.

Escape From Tarkov Corporate Secrets Quest Details

Escape From Tarkov Corporate Secrets Water Treatment Plant
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In theory, the Escape From Tarkov Corporate Secrets quest is a simple pick up and go job. All you technically need to do is head into the two USEC buildings by the water treatment plant and pick up some documents from the offices. The difficulty of these quests comes from the inhabitants that surround the two buildings you need to infiltrate. If you can get past them though, it’s a fairly straightforward process to find the two data documents.

The good thing about this quest being a bit difficult is that it is the end of a quest chain, so it doesn’t block any future progression if you get a bit stuck. If you’re making the grind for the Kappa case however you’ll need to complete this at some point.

As a reward for exchanging the information, Mechanic will hand over 8000 EXP, 40,000 Roubles, and increase your Mechanic rep by 0.02. In addition, completing this quest unlocks a barter for the AK-104 7.62x39 (RPKT mod.1 variant) at Mechanic LL1, where you can exchange five GP coins for the kitted out gun.

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How To Complete The Escape From Tarkov Corporate Secrets Quest

Escape From Tarkov Corporate Secrets Interior Lights
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You will need to access USEC buildings one and two by the water treatment plant on Lighthouse to complete this quest. The main difficulty of this quest is that both buildings have a high chance for Rogue spawns both inside and on the roof.

If you have never had the delight of encountering raiders before, they are essentially beefed-up Scavs with much better guns, armour, and aim. Furthermore, if you chose your PMC to be a BEAR instead of USEC you’re in for a much tougher time, as the Rogues are trained to shoot BEAR operatives on sight, whereas they are lenient towards USEC PMCs.

What this unfortunately means is that you could be at least 200 metres away (and even up to 500 metres) and you have the potential to get wiped out by a sniper shot out of nowhere if you made the unfortunate decision to become a BEAR. If you chose USEC however, you are given a single warning if you come too close to the Rogues, meaning it is a lot easier to sneak into the buildings without rustling too many feathers.

Escape From Tarkov Corporate Secrets USEC Building One
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Regardless, make your way towards the water treatment plant and approach the first USEC building to begin with. You can do either, but for the purposes of numbers, we will start with that one. It can be found on the northern edge of the plant and is clearly identifiable by the giant ‘one’ painted on the side. 

Once inside the building, head towards the northwest corner up on the raised section and there should be an office for you to enter. 

Escape From Tarkov Corporate Secrets Document One
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Once inside, check the open shelves on the right and you should see a green folder - the first document you need will be in there. Like many collection tasks with multiple quest items you don’t need to do both in the same raid, but as the two documents are located so close to each other it makes sense to do the two of them here.

Escape From Tarkov Corporate Secrets USEC Building Two
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For the second document, head out the northern exit of the first building and move round east to the second USEC building, making sure to keep a low profile away from the Rogues. Once inside, the office you need to infiltrate is roughly in the same place as the last one, this time in the eastern corner of the building.

Escape From Tarkov Corporate Secrets Document Two
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This time, the document you need to pick up will be on your right-hand side, in a file organiser alongside a handful of other documents. Pick it up and make sure you get out of the raid safely to hand the two quest items back to Mechanic. Hopefully, you will have either the Road to Military Base or Northern Checkpoint extracts, as they will make for a hasty escape.

So there you have it, well done if you managed to escape unharmed but enjoy the satisfaction of having completed the Escape From Tarkov Corporate Secrets quest. If you’re wondering how long it is until you lose all your stash again, why not have a read of our guide on the Escape From Tarkov wipe date and schedule to be prepared.

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