How to find and defeat Kaban in Escape from Tarkov

How to find and defeat Kaban in Escape from Tarkov
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Kaban is the new boss in Escape From Tarkov, and many players are wondering where his location is on the Streets of Tarkov map and want to know how to beat him.

As a PvPvE extraction shooter, Escape From Tarkov tasks its players with numerous threats from both other players and NPCs. Some of the biggest threats in the game come in the form of bosses, who are juiced-up AI-controlled enemies, but the risk of fighting them is definitely worth it for their rewards.

So, to find out more about Kaban in Escape From Tarkov all you need to do is keep reading, as we've got everything you'll need if you're wondering how to beat him or where his location is on Streets.

Where can you find Kaban?

Streets of Tarkov map, with Kaban's location marked in Escape From Tarkov
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Kaban is found on the Streets of Tarkov map in Escape From Tarkov, specifically around the LexOs car dealership area. This appears to be the only place that he is spawning right now, but he can spawn at any time during the day and roams around the entire dealership at will.

The main thing that you have to look out for before you get to the boss though is the sheer number of claymores that surround the LexOs dealership. As you approach the area you will need to spot these bombs and move as cautiously and slowly as possible so as to not trigger any by accident.

Kaban also only has a 5% spawn rate on Streets of Tarkov right now, so you could make the effort to get inside and he's likely to not even be there. Thankfully his single spawn location helps you narrow things down quicker, but don't go into most raids expecting to see him at this point.

How to beat Kaban in Escape From Tarkov

Image of the LexOs dealership on Streets of Tarkov in Escape From Tarkov
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With six standard guards and two snipers on overwatch, Kaban is one of the hardest bosses to take down in Escape From Tarkov if you're not prepared. To add to this, he has pound-for-pound one of the strongest weapons in the game - the PKP 7.62x54R machine gun - which can fire 100 consecutive rounds that you would otherwise only see in a Mosin.

The guards themselves can be equipped with at least class four armor, but they can also spawn in with class five too so make sure to be prepared. Kaban himself has 355 Thorax HP, 85 Head HP, and 1,300 HP overall, so make sure to bring high-damage armour-piercing rounds to deal with him and his crew best.

As with all bosses in Escape From Tarkov, you can use grenades to sound out their location and make them move, and that is essential to avoid any crossfire situations at the LexOs dealership.

Make use of slow right-hand peeks to ensure that you have as much time as possible before being detected, and try and take them down one by one before going for Kaban himself. Having a few friends with you is definitely going to help too, as they can cover your back and give out extra damage to ensure that the kills are confirmed.

Escape From Tarkov Kaban boss loot

Here is all of the loot that you can pick up from Kaban's body in Escape From Tarkov after you defeat him. Not all of the loot has a chance to spawn at the same time, and some of it is random. Furthermore, he will have either of the primary weapons but not both at the same time.

  • PKP "Pecheneg" 7.62x54R machine gun (with 100-round magazines)
  • RPK-16 5.45x39 light machine gun
  • Makarov PM 9x18PM pistol
  • TT-33 7.62x25 TT Pistol
  • AFAK tactical individual first aid kit
  • Vaseline
  • Any key or keycard (random spawns)

The main attraction here is of course the PKP, but the chance for a high-value key or keycard is always an extra boost when taking down any of the bosses.

So, that's everything you need to know about Kaban in Escape From Tarkov, showing you exactly where to find the boss on Streets of Tarkov, and how to take him down.

Make sure to check out the rest of the guides on our Escape From Tarkov homepage, as there's plenty that you can learn about the game from quests to items, and much more.

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