Escape From Tarkov Lighthouse Boss: Everything We Know

Escape From Tarkov Lighthouse Boss: Everything We Know
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Harry Boulton


22nd Nov 2022 17:40

The new Escape From Tarkov Lighthouse boss has been in the shadows for months now, but it finally has a short trailer to give us an idea of what is to come. Bosses in Escape From Tarkov are some of the most exciting encounters in the game, as they give you a tough challenge to overcome, but enough enticing rewards to make the effort worth it. So, to find out everything that we currently know about the new Escape From Tarkov Lighthouse boss, make sure to carry on reading down below.

Who Is The Escape From Tarkov Lighthouse Boss?

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While we don't have any specific details about the upcoming Lighthouse boss' name or allegiance, we do have a glimpse of what they will look like, and can take a good guess at some connecting characters too.

As you can see from the picture above, the Escape From Tarkov Lighthouse boss wields what looks to be the recently added AXMC bolt-action rifle, and has a quite recognisable set of antlers adorned on their head. Based on the fact that the reveal video takes place at night, and that twigs are common in Cultist and Marked areas across the game, we could perhaps be seeing the addition of another Cultist scav boss in the game.

This also appears to be the same as a model that has leaked before, as shown in the tweet above from NoiceGuy above, made clear again by the unique set of antlers. If the Rogue bosses are anything to go by, this head gear could end up being lootable, which would certainly be a great way to spook some of your fellow PMCs.

Where Does The Escape From Tarkov Lighthouse Boss Spawn?

Based on the teaser video released by Battlestate Games, the upcoming Escape From Tarkov Lighthouse boss will likely be situated in the expanded peninsula section where the titular lighthouse resides. We can see them watching over the bridge that takes you to the island, which could lead to some incredibly challenging duels as you try to avoid the incoming sniper fire.

This location could also signal the arrival of the new Lightkeeper Trader, which has been teased since earlier this year. Many players are speculating that this will be the first in-raid Trader, meaning that you will have to travel to the lighthouse itself to make any trades. Of course, this could mean that you'll have to go through the new boss to get to the trader, but hopefully, it will be very much worth the trip.

So, that's currently everything we know about the new Escape From Tarkov Lighthouse boss, but we will be sure to update you with any new information as and when BSG decides to release it. In the meantime though, why not check out our Escape From Tarkov best settings guide if you want to boost your performance in preparation for some Lighthouse gameplay.

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