Escape From Tarkov Halloween Event Details

Escape From Tarkov Halloween Event Details
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Harry Boulton


27th Oct 2022 15:49

If you didn't think that the game was scary enough already, then the Escape From Tarkov Halloween event is definitely going to be of interest to you. There are often events in Escape From Tarkov, where themed items and mechanics are thrown into the game, and bosses are modified, and this one, in particular, is of the scary variety. So, to find out all of the changes and additions coming with the new Escape From Tarkov Halloween event, make sure to carry on reading down below.

Escape From Tarkov Halloween Event Changes

Escape From Tarkov Halloween Event Changes
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Here's a full list of changes coming with the Escape From Tarkov Halloween event, which have been discovered by LogicalSolutions:

  • Cultist Intoxication effect is removed upon death with no charge
  • Lootable pumpkins can be found throughout the maps
  • Increased Malfunction chance for all weapons
  • Adds a random effect at the start of each raid
  • Gain various buffs when drinking various Juice
  • Tagilla has increased spawn rates:
    • Factory
      • 30% - Anywhere
    • Interchange
      • 33% - Killa Spawns
    • Reserve
      • 33% - Glukhar Spawns
    • Lighthouse
      • 30% - Chalet, Lighthouse Island
    • Shoreline
      • 35% - East/West Resort, Cottages
    • Woods
      • 22% - Big Rocks, Red House, Scav Bunker
    • Customs
      • 29% - Dorms, Stronghold, Old Gas Station
    • Labs
      • 33% - Floor One, Floor Two
  • Cultists have increased spawn rates
    • 10-20% spawn chance on all maps except Labs


In addition to this, there is also a strange counter on the Halloween section of the official Escape From Tarkov website, with no indication as to what is it counting, or whether it will reach a specific goal. It has stopped progressing at 666,666, so hopefully, we should find out soon what that entails.

As you can see though, there are quite a lot of interesting changes, with a particular emphasis being put on enemies of the silent variety. Both Tagilla and the Cultists are the only two enemies in the game that have no footstep sounds, so they can very easily sneak up on you and drop from at any point. 

Why not give some night raids a go if you haven't already, and embrace the enhanced fear factor of a game that was already rather scary to begin with. This is also a great time to complete any quests that require you to kill Tagilla or Cultists, as their spawn rates should make them far easier to find.

No information has been released as to when the Escape From Tarkov Halloween event will end, but it is likely that it won't stay for too long beyond Halloween itself. 

So, that wraps up all of the current details about the Escape From Tarkov Halloween event, but it would be surprising if there isn't more added to the game by BSG as we get closer to the actual date. If you're wondering what the Escape From Tarkov best guns are to help you take down the increased number of bosses, then make sure to have a read of our guide.

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