Best Skills To Unlock At The Beginning In God Of War Ragnarok

Best Skills To Unlock At The Beginning In God Of War Ragnarok
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11th Nov 2022 09:54

The latest installment in the God of War franchise, God of War Ragnarok, offers a nuanced version of the existing Skill Tree that changes some of the predecessor's Runic attacks to standard skills while adding extras like Skill Mods and Mod Tokens. You must know the best Skills to unlock at the beginning of God of War Ragnarok to ensure your hard-earned Kratos XP doesn't go to waste. Moreover, specific skills highly affect chaining combos using Leviathan Axe and the Blades of Chaos. And to make sure you make full use of it, we are here with our guide on the best skills to unlock at the beginning of God of War Ragnarok.

Best Skills To Unlock At The Beginning In God Of War Ragnarok

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There are a few factors that we have kept in mind while selecting the best skills for both Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos that you can unlock in the early game of God of War Ragnarok, most with Weapon Upgrade 1 or 2. These factors are, increasing sub-stats while getting an attack or skill, long-range attacks, short-range AoE, increasing Elemental attacks damage, and some heavy hitters. 

Leviathan Axe 

Here are the different Leviathan Axe skills you must focus on unlocking during the early game:


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We recommend the Permafrost skill, especially to players who forget chaining attack combos in battle and start mashing the default attack button. With Permafrost unlocked, you can perform Melee attacks quickly without sustaining damage to the power of Leviathan Axe and inflict Frost damage with every hit. Moreover, it also gives a bonus stat boost to Luck and Runic when it's active. 

Vengeful Sickle I

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The Vengeful Sickle is a long-range skill where you can throw the Leviathan Axe at an enemy, causing it to Spin and Slice for multiple hits. When combined with Blades of Chaos's Vaporize Frost and Rushing Chaos, you can melt through enemies' HP in no time. 

Freezing Throw II

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Freezing Throw II expands the original Freezing Throw attack by adding an AoE Frost blast that you can chain with Chaos Blade attacks with Vaporize Frost unlocked to deal more damage to enemies. 

Extinguish Flame 

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Extinguish Flame skill gives you bonus damage when you use the Leviathan Axe's attacks against enemies affected by the Burning effect of the Chaos Blade. 

Glacial Rake

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One of our favorite and most effective skills to use in God of War Ragnarok, Glacial Rake, attack rips out ice shards from the ground that travels forward and strike opponents repeatedly with high Frost. 

Serpent's Snare

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A high damage skill that allows you to apply a Frost effect on a group of enemies quickly. When you use the Serpent's Snare skill on a weak enemy, you deal massive damage while throwing the enemy in the direction of your liking, which on impact creates an AoE Frost explosion that launches other nearby enemies. 

Blades Of Chaos

Here are the different Chaos Blade skills you must focus on unlocking during the early game:

Vaporize Frost

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Like the Extinguish Flame skill for Levithan Axe, you can unlock Vaporize Frost to deal more damage to enemies affected by the Frost effect.  


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The Immolation skill will allow performing melee attacks in quick succession without sustaining damage to the Blades of Chaos's power-up and inflicting Burn damage on hit. It also boosts Luck and Runic attacks when it's active. 

Blazing Explosion I

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Blazing Explosion I is an excellent long-range skill to deal significant damage and apply the Burn status effect to a group of enemies. It's an upgraded version of Blazing Surge that you can perform by aiming the Chaos Blade and then holding the R2 button to throw both Blades and a fiery pulse of energy, causing a damaging explosion and dealing massive Burn. 

Since the skill has a decent build-up time, we recommend you unlock its Skill Mod and use the Protection Mod token to make sure you don't take much damage from enemies while performing the attack. 

Rushing Chaos

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A single target focus attack allows you to leap towards an enemy and deal with successive rapid spinning attacks that hit multiple times. 

Hyperion Grapple I

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The Hyperion Grapple I is a great skill that will allow you to quickly move around the battlefield toward enemies or deal with pesky airborne enemies that are pretty infuriating. During the Hyperion Pull, you can hold the R1 key to perform the Hyperion Grapple I to launch toward the grounded enemies and stun them on impact or slam airborne enemies to the ground. 

That concludes our guide on the best Skills to unlock at the beginning of God of War Ragnarok

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