How To Parry In God Of War Ragnarok

How To Parry In God Of War Ragnarok
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11th Nov 2022 18:25

If you're playing God of War Ragnarok, then you'll know that learning how to Parry will help you immensely in your combat encounters. Kratos is not only capable of dealing an incredible amount of damage, but he's also capable of blocking plenty of incoming attacks, too. Keep reading our God of War Ragnarok Parry guide to learn all you need to know about how to block incoming attacks.

God of War Ragnarok: How To Parry

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Parrying in God of War is a straightforward process, but nailing down the timing can take a little practice. When you see an enemy is about to land an attack on Kratos, hit the 'L1' button as quickly as you can. This will instruct Kratos to raise his shield and parry the incoming hit. In return, this will deal stagger damage to the enemy and allow you to get an easy few hits in. Depending on the gear you have equipped, it might even grant you a bonus ability for a short time.

If you're unsure about when an enemy is about to land an attack on Kratos, look towards his waist. Here, you will see a collection of arrows that point to nearby enemies. Yellow arrows will point towards enemies nearby, but red arrows will indicate an enemy that is about to attack. Use this to prioritise your targets on the battlefield and parry attacks when they are incoming.

If you need a further explainer, here is a video on the whole thing:

God of War Ragnarok: Which Attacks Can You Parry?

Not all attacks are created equally, and as such there are a few attacks that you can't parry. Here are a list of attacks that you can't parry:

  • Yellow Rings - These indicate an attack that you can block, but will be staggered by. It's best to dodge out of the way of these.
  • Red Rings - These attacks can't be blocked or parried, and damage will be dealt if it lands on Kratos. Dodge these at all costs.
  • Blue Rings - These attacks can be parried, but you need to be quick - double tap 'L1' before the enemy has a chance to pull off the attack to prevent it from taking place.

Remember, parrying can have its advantages, but if you're struggling to get the timing right, dodging and rolling out of the way is always a suitable option.

That's everything you need to know about how to Parry in God of War Ragnarok. For more God of War guides, keep reading GGRecon.

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