God Of War Ragnarok Mystical Heirloom: Location & How To Use

God Of War Ragnarok Mystical Heirloom: Location & How To Use
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11th Jan 2023 15:32

God of War Ragnarok Mystical Heirloom is a mysterious item that allows you to complete a series of boss fights and earn some powerful armour. God of War Ragnarok is full of things to do, but few activities are as puzzling as this one.

The Mystical Heirloom does not have an immediately apparent purpose, but once you know what to do with it you can complete this quest. Here is everything you need to know about the God of War Ragnarok Mystical Heirloom, where to get it and how to use it.

God Of War Ragnarok Mystical Heirloom Location

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The Mystical Heirloom can be found in Midgard, close to Tyr's Temple. In order to get it, you must first progress through the main story and acquire the Draupnir spear. You need its detonation ability in order to break through the ice the get the Mystical Heirloom.

Go to the southwest of Tyr's Temple to find a spot you can break with the spear among some icy rocks. Go through the gap it creates, and you will find the Mystical Heirloom on the ground to your left.

God Of War Ragnarok Mystical Heirloom: How To Use

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As the name might suggest, the function of the Mystical Heirloom is not made clear. The description says the item is "important, but doesn't seem to have any practical application in combat". The truth is, the item has a very specific use. Equipping and using it has Kratos smack the heirloom, but it doesn't do anything, outside of the right circumstances.

The true function of the God of War Ragnarok Mystical Heirloom is to wake trolls that have been turned into statues. There are three locations in the game in which you can use the Mystical Heirloom to wake some trolls and engage them in a boss fight. Of course, there is a very good reason to do this, as defeating all of the trolls rewards you with the Steinbjorn armour set, a suit of armour with very high defence stats.

God Of War Ragnarok Mystical Heirloom: Troll Locations

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There are three locations you need to seek out to find all the trolls. There are certain steps required to reach each one.

First Troll Location

The first is very close to where you picked up the Mystical Heirloom. Continue southwest from Tyr's Temple along the narrow path to the Derelict Outpost.

Make your way there, and when you come to a point where you use the Blades of Chaos to jump a gap in a cave and immediately find yourself back outside, the statue will be just ahead of you on the left. Approach the statue and use the Mystical Heirloom to wake Blodugr Steinn, so you can fight and defeat it.

Second Troll Location

Troll two is in Alfheim, in the Forbidden Sands area. You will need to clear out the sandstorm to access it, but once you do you need to head to the small enclosed area in the southwest of the area. Climb up onto the raised area to find the statue among dozens of dead bodies.

Again, use the Mystical Heirloom, this time to awaken Bjarg Stormr. This troll is quite a bit tougher than the previous one, so be prepared for a fight.

Third Troll Location

Finally, we are headed to Vanaheim. From Freyr's Camp, head south to Noatun's Garden. Once you get there, you should do a couple of things to make your life a bit easier.

First and foremost, clear out any enemies so they won't be interrupting the main event. Also, you can take out totems around the area to clear out roots, this will give you a bit more breathing space for the fight ahead, which you will need.

Once you are ready, use the Mystical Heirloom on the two statues standing on either side of the door. This begins the final fight with the last two trolls, Golrab of the Ashes and Golrab of the Frost.

How to Beat the Golrab Trolls

The trick here is that Ashes cannot be damaged with the Blades of Chaos, and Frost cannot be damaged with the Leviathan axe.

Hitting a troll with their own element will stun you momentarily. Worse, the trolls can often be stood quite close together, making it nearly impossible to hit them with the correct weapon. Be very careful and deliberate with your attacks, or use Draupnir for the fight.

Once all trolls are defeated, take the slumber stones that they dropped to the Huldra brothers to craft the Steinbjorn armour set. This set grants extremely high defence, with a perk called Bloodthirst Retaliation which allows you to regenerate health by doing damage after taking a hit.

That is it for the God of War Mystical Heirloom, for more on the game check out our God of War Ragnarok max level guide.

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