Where to get Chaos Flames in God Of War Ragnarok

Where to get Chaos Flames in God Of War Ragnarok
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God of War Ragnarok Chaos Flame is a crucial resource for upgrading the Blades of Chaos. God of War Ragnarok tasks the player with gathering all kinds of materials, some more common, and some exceedingly rare. Chaos Flame is one such rare material, an item that must be gathered in order to increase the level of the Blades of Chaos. Here is everything you know to gather all of the God of War Ragnarok Chaos Flame.

Draugr Holes

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Draugr Holes are part of a Favour side activity called Born From Fire. More than likely, you will first encounter one in Svartelfheim, at the Watchtower in the Bay of Bounty. Climb up to the tower west of the beach where the mystic gateway is and go up the stairs to the left. You will find the Draugr Hole, and several Draugr will emerge. The main one is The Hateful, a particularly tough Draugr boss. Defeat The Hateful and his mates to get yourself a Chaos Flame.

There are five more Draugr Holes throughout the game, at each one you must fight and defeat The Hateful to earn a Chaos Flame. The next one is in The Applecore in Svartelfheim. When you reach the large circular structure with an upper and lower path, use the Blades of Chaos to get to the upper area. Go around to the left, and on a ledge below you will see a door with a green symbol above it. Jump over the gap and drop down to the left to reach the door, head inside, and clear out the Draugr for your second Chaos Flame.

In Alfheim, head to the Barrens region. In the western corner of the region, there is a rocky outcrop. Approach it from the west to climb up the stairs and find the Draugr Hole at the top. Then in Midgard, we need to head northeast from Tyr's Temple. On the left, on the way to King's Grave there is a ledge, head there to find your next Draugr Hole.

Next up is Vanaheim, and the Abandoned Village in the Eastern Barri Woods. You'll need the Draupnir Spear for this, then head to the southwest of the village. You will find a cave entrance across a bridge, and inside it you will find another Draugr Hole.

Still in Vanaheim for the final Draugr Hole, for this one, you will need to finish the Scent of Survival Favour at The Crater in order to restore the water in the area. Once done, take a boat to the dock in The Plains, just southeast of The Crater. Simply follow the stairs up and you will come to the final Draugr Hole. Defeat The Hateful one last time to complete the favor and get your Chaos Flame.

Crucible Trials

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For this Chaos Flame, you will need to get access to Muspelheim. For all the steps you need to do this, check out how to get Muspelheim seed half in God of War Ragnarok, but essentially you will need to get the two halves of the seed to access the realm. They are both in Svartelfheim, but you will need to get the Draupnir Spear and return here later to get the second seed half.

With Muspelheim available to us, we need to head there and complete the Crucible Favour. Once six Crucible challenges are completed, the chest will be unlocked and we can retrieve the Chaos Flame from it.

Haklangr The Bearded

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For the final Chaos Flame, we need to complete a particular Berserker Gravestone in the Sinkholes region of Vanaheim. Before you can reach it, you will need to restore the water in the area. Complete the Return of the River favour and you will be able to sail your boat to the destination. That destination is a broken bridge in the south of the Sinkholes.

Take a boat to the south side of the broken bridge and dock there, then head up the stairs and cross the remains of the bridge. In the middle, there you will find a gravestone. Interact with it to start the fight with Haklangr the Bearded. He is a ghost of a berserker and is no pushover to fight against. Once he is defeated, you will be rewarded with a Chaos Flame.

With that, you have all of the God of War Ragnarok Chaos Flames and are well on your way to fully upgraded Blades of Chaos. For more on the game, check out how to transmog armour in God of War Ragnarok.

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