How To Complete The God Of War Ragnarok Mine Puzzle

How To Complete The God Of War Ragnarok Mine Puzzle
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15th Nov 2022 18:33

The God of War Ragnarok mine puzzle can be a bit of a roadblock to progress during your search for Tyr. God of War Ragnarok can be a bit pushy with hints during puzzles, but sometimes the logic seems to go out the window. The mine puzzle is a great example of this, where the solution might not make a lot of sense to everyone. Here is what you need to know to complete the God of War Ragnarok mine puzzle.

God Of War Ragnarok Mine Puzzle: Where Is It?

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First and foremost, we should clarify which puzzle we are talking about. There are a couple of puzzles in the mine, but this one seems to be the one that is giving players the most trouble. The puzzle in question pops up when you are in the Applecore, the mine near the end of your first visit to Svartelfheim.

This is when you are searching the mine for Tyr, and after several dead ends and false finishes, you will zipline down a rope and enter a large room with wheels and water troughs throughout. Atreus can be lifted up onto a ledge on the left, where he will go and find a lever that drops ore. Now, your job is to put all the pieces together to get across the room.

God Of War Ragnarok Mine Puzzle Solution

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Up to this point, you will have completed a handful of puzzles that involved turning water and off, and using it to make wheels turn. In the mine, there are puzzles that teach you that you can use the Leviathan axe to freeze the water troughs not just at the end, but in the middle, making the water run off the sides. This is a crucial part of this puzzle, but there is a trick to it.

There are two water troughs with running water in the room, both can be frozen at a particular spot which makes the water run down over a wheel. Both of those wheels need to be activated at the same time to progress. The one on the left brings a lift down, the one on the right brings up a point you can grapple to in order to reach the lift. The problem is, you cannot freeze two things at once, as returning the Leviathan axe to you will unfreeze whatever you had frozen.

This is where the ore comes in. The logic is very strange, but what you need to do is use the Leviathan axe to freeze the water on the left, bringing down the lift. Then, press Square to have Atreus drop ore into the water. When three chunks of ore get to the frozen part, they will freeze and solidify, and you can take back the axe without stopping the wheel.

After that, use the axe on the water on the right to bring up the grapple point, and use that to leap over to the lift. Then turn around and tell Atreus to shoot the ore. It will break, restoring the water flow and causing the lift to move back to its original place, with Kratos on it. With that, the puzzle is solved and our adventure through the mine can continue.

That is it for the God of War Ragnarok mine puzzle. For more on the game, check out our God of War Ragnarok early game tips and tricks.

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