God of War Ragnarok Skill Mods And Mod Tokens Explained

God of War Ragnarok Skill Mods And Mod Tokens Explained
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10th Nov 2022 11:02

God of War Ragnarok is a direct sequel to 2018's Game of the Year, God of War, that expands the original notion of the game while adding new features and nuances that make the latest installment a refreshing masterpiece. Among many, one of the new additions is God of War Ragnarok Mod Tokens, aka Skill Mods, which adds an extra layer of character skill customization, allowing you to opt for different builds based on your playstyle. Continue reading our guide as we explain God of War Ragnarok Mod Tokens and Skill Mods while talking about how to unlock, use and change them based on your requirement. 

God of War Ragnarok Mod Tokens Explained

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Mod Tokens are additional upgrades that allow you to increase the Damage, Stun, Protection, or Element attributes of a particular skill with which you have reached Gold Tier mastery. Once you have a skill mastered enough and at Gold Tier, you can use 1000 Kratos XP to unlock the Mod Token slot for that Skill. After you have it unlocked, you can switch between different Mod Tokens via the Skills menu. 

Here are the Mod Tokens currently available in the game:

  • Damage: Slightly increases the damage of the Skill. 
  • Stun: Moderately increases Stun property of the Skill. 
  • Protection: Greatly increases resistance to damage and being staggered during the Skill. 
  • Element: Increases the Elemental effect (Frost/Fire) of the Skill. 

How To Unlock Skill Mods In God Of War Ragnarok 

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As mentioned earlier, you must reach Gold Tier with a Skill in God of War Ragnarok to unlock Skill Mods in exchange for 1000 Kratos XP. Once done, depending on the Skill, you can apply a Mod Token of your choice and increase the efficacy of that Skill.  

How To Reach Skills Gold Tier In God Of War Ragnarok

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In the beginning, when you unlock a Skill in God of War Ragnarok using Kratos XP, you will find it at the beginning tier, Skill Labour. Use the Skill during combat and make sure the Skill hits the enemy to make it count. Once you meet the requirements, you will move to the Bronze tier. 

Keep using the Skill, and you will reach the Silver tier and eventually the Gold tier. Different Skills have different requirements to level up a tier. Some need you to use the Skill 15 times, while others need it 75 times. You can check the condition in the Skills section by hovering over the Skill. 

Which Skills In God Of War Ragnarok Can Have Mod Tokens?

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Almost any skill you activate using the press of a button can be mastered to unlock the Skill Mods feature to use Mod Tokens. You cannot have Mod Tokens for passive skills. 

How To Change Mod Tokens In God Of War Ragnarok

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There are cases in God of War Ragnarok when players hastily select any Mod Token that doesn't suit the current build and miss out on making full use of the feature. You must know that you can switch between Mod Tokens for free if you are one such player. And here is how you can do that:

  • Press the touchpad on the DualSense controller to open the Character menu. 
  • Navigate to the Skill section. 
  • Select the Skill for which you have Skill Mods unlocked and previously equipped a Mod Token. 
  • Press the X button to Inspect. 
  • Select from the list of available Mod Tokens. 

That concludes our guide on God of War Ragnarok Mod Tokens and Skill Mods. 

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