God Of War Ragnarok Nidavellir Ore: How To Make Nidavellir Armour

God Of War Ragnarok Nidavellir Ore: How To Make Nidavellir Armour
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15th Nov 2022 13:46

God of War Ragnarok Nidavellir ore is a highly specific resource, only acquired from one source and for one purpose. God of War Ragnarok has many side activities to complete, and one of the earliest ones will reward you with access to Nidavellir armour. Nidavellir ore is the material you need to make the armour, so let's rundown what you need to do to get it. Here is everything you need to know about God of War Ragnarok Nidavellir ore.

God Of War Ragnarok Nidavellir Ore: Off The Beaten Path

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As mentioned, gathering Nidavellir ore is part of a side activity, one of the first times in the game in which you get to deviate from the main quest. Early in the game, Kratos and Atreus go to Svartelfheim to seek help finding Tyr.

While searching for someone who can help, you will be given a very clear decision to make. Go left to continue along the main story, or go right to deal with Mimir's mining rigs. For the Nidavellir ore, we need to go to the rigs.

God Of War Ragnarok Nidavellir Ore: Mining Rigs

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In his troubled past, Mimir created these mining rigs for Odin to take advantage of the Dwarves' resources. Mimir would like these rigs to be destroyed, and doing so is our objective here. There are three mining rigs, and destroying each one will reward us with some Nidavellir ore.

The three rigs can be tackled in any order. Essentially, you just need to sail towards the islands with the smokestacks, make your way to said smokestacks, and destroy them. Each island will have combat challenges, as well as some puzzles and platforming.

We'll start with Modvitnir's Rig, the one furthest to the west. This one is fairly straightforward, the closest thing to a puzzle here is hitting the target on the crane to move it around, allowing you to cross the gaps. Make your way up to the giant chimney and you will face off against a Bergsra Mother, which spawns Wretches. Defeat it, then destroy the smokestack.

Near the centre of the area is an island where you can dock on the north or south side, Sindri is posted up here, there is a watchtower on the western side and the mining rig is on the east. Radsvinn's rig is easy to get to, and once you are there you need to clear the place of enemies. Once that is done, destroy the rig and we can move on.

Finally, the Althjof rig is in the north of the area. This one has a traversal puzzle which isn't very complicated, but it has a lot of steps. You need to make your way to the top of the rig, primarily by moving the central lifts up and down to allow you to cross various gaps. Along the way, you will be dealing with some Draugr, but once you reach the top you can destroy the rig and complete the Favour.

God Of War Ragnarok Nidavellir Ore: Forging The Armour

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There are plenty of different armours and items you can craft throughout the game, but some require very specific resources, like Nidavellir ore. The Nidavellir armour is crafted with the ore, so once you are done with the rigs, head back to Sindri.

You do not need to farm or grind for more Nidavellir ore, the amount you get from destroying the three rigs is exactly how much you need to make all of the armour pieces. As such, completing this Favour should net you a brand new set of powerful armour.

Wearing the full armour set gives you Stunning Restoration and Stunning Resistance. Stunning Restoration recovers some of your health any time you stun an enemy, Stunning Resistance reduces the speed at which enemies lose stun build-up. For how early you can get it, the Nidavellir armour set is very strong and gives useful benefits.

That is it for God of War Ragnarok Nidavellir ore. For more on the game, check out our God of War Ragnarok rawhide guide.

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