Does God Of War Ragnarok Have A Point Of No Return?

Does God Of War Ragnarok Have A Point Of No Return?
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17th Nov 2022 14:58

God of War Ragnarok delivers a huge adventure with a long yet epic campaign, with a large world in the nine realms to explore along with various side quest Favours. Like with many other games though, as more players are starting to reach the final stages of the story, they are starting to wonder if there is a point of no return. A point of no return locks you out of exploration and further side missions until the game's campaign is completed. So, let's get into whether there is a point of no return in God of War Ragnarok

Please keep in mind that spoilers are ahead regarding the later campaign in God of War Ragnarok.

Does God of War Ragnarok Have a Point of No Return?

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Yes, there is a point of no return in God of War Ragnarok that locks you in for the rest of the story. That would be the chapter called "The Realms at War", starting at Tyr's Temple where your companions have assembled. Once you make your way up in the lift towards the temple and go into your tent to "get some rest", you will be unable to explore any further or engage in any side quest Favours until the main story is over. 

If you have left anything undone in regards to trophy hunting or any particular Favours you are concerned about leaving unfinished, not to worry. God of War Ragnarok will throw you right back into the world after its campaign to not only complete anything you have left to do but there are also some epilogue tasks to carry out as well. 

That is everything in our guide answering the question, "does God of War Ragnarok have a point of no return?". If you are still in the middle of your journey across the nine realms, check out the best armour in God of War Ragnarok, or exactly how tall is Kratos. 

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