How To Get Stonewood In God Of War Ragnarok

How To Get Stonewood In God Of War Ragnarok
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15th Nov 2022 17:02

God of War Ragnarok Stonewood is an important mid-game resource used for upgrading your weapons and armour. God of War Ragnarok has plenty of RPG elements that require gathering materials, crafting items, and upgrading your gear. Stonewood is one such material, and it will be necessary in large amounts if you want to get the most out of your equipment. Here is everything you need to know about how to get Stonewood in God of War Ragnarok.

God Of War Ragnarok Stonewood: General Sources

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There are many ways to gather Stonewood throughout your journey, you are likely to passively gain much of it as you go. As mentioned, Stonewood is a mid-game resource, as it is used to upgrade your gear from level four and up. If you are looking to stock up or you have some gear in mind that you want to improve, here are some general things you can do to get more Stonewood.

First and foremost, go exploring. One of the best sources of Stonewood is finding chests. There are little secrets all throughout the game, nooks and crannies where you are likely to find treasure chests. Being thorough and finding everything you can is a great policy for ensuring you are always well stocked on materials. Specifically for Stonewood, you want to be doing this somewhere like Vanaheim, rather than earlier areas.

Another great source of Stonewood, among other materials, is completing treasure hunts. Occasionally, you will stumble across treasure maps. Following these and finding their treasures can net you a bunch of useful things, including Stonewood.

God Of War Ragnarok Stonewood: Specific Sources

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To more specifically focus on Stonewood, you should get to Vanaheim and complete the main story there. Vanaheim has many areas blocked off by large mushroom plants which you can't remove at first. Before you leave the area, you will be able to clear them out. Once you can, take another trip through the realm, clearing out the mushrooms and gathering the Stonewood they hide.

Another consistent source of Stonewood is the Yggdrassil Rifts. These events pop up across the game, and essentially they are locations where enemies from other realms can appear out of place. Seek out these Yggdrassil Rifts in Midgard and defeat the enemies that come through. Doing so will reward you with some Stonewood.

Finally, once you reach a certain point in the main story, you will be able to purchase Stonewood. Much like with God of War Ragnarok Rawhide, Stonewood can be purchased from the Huldra brothers later in the game, at a point where it is no longer the most relevant resource to your level. Still, it can be useful to get and buying a bundle of five for 2500 Hacksilver is a good option.

That is it for our God of War Ragnarok Stonewood guide. For more tips, check out how to transmog armour in God of War Ragnarok.

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