God Of War Ragnarok The Hateful: How To Complete The Born From Fire Favour

God Of War Ragnarok The Hateful: How To Complete The Born From Fire Favour
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16th Nov 2022 12:09

God of War Ragnarok The Hateful is a mini-boss that you will encounter multiple times throughout the Nine Realms. God of War Ragnarok loves its side stories, and The Hateful is one that will pop up regularly along your journey. The Hateful is a Draugr, the vengeful spirit of a betrayed Empress. Here is everything you need to know to defeat God of War Ragnarok The Hateful.

God Of War Ragnarok The Hateful: Where To Find

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Your first possible and most likely encounter with The Hateful is in Svartelfheim, at the Watchtower near the mining rigs. On the same island as the central mining rig, go west and climb up to the tower. Go up the stairs to find a Draugr Hole, and fight The Hateful. Once the Draugr are defeated, you will find some useful resources, including a God of War Ragnarok Chaos Flame at the Draugr Hole.

This begins the Born From Fire Favour, which tasks you with clearing out five more Draugr Holes throughout the realms. At each one, The Hateful will reappear and you will have to fight her again. The next Draugr Hole is in the Applecore, the mine in Svartelfheim where Kratos and Atreus search for Tyr. You will find the Draugr Hole behind one of the doors you need to open while exploring the mine, it is hard to miss. Note that the Draugr Holes can be completed in any order, this is just how we came across them.

In Alfheim, go to the western corner of the Barrens region. Climb up the rocky outcrop and you will find the Draugr Hole there. Then in Midgard, go northeast from Tyr's Temple, there is a relatively narrow path in that direction, climb up a ledge on the left a short way down that path to find the next location.

The final two are in Vanaheim, and you will need to complete a few steps before you can reach them. For the first one, you need the Draupnir spear. Once you have it, go to the Abandoned Village and use it to get to the cave entrance southwest of the village. Inside you will find the next Draugr Hole.

For the last one, you will need to finish the Scent of Survival Favour at The Crater in order to restore the water in the area. Once that is done, take a boat to the dock in The Plains, just southeast of The Crater. Take the stairs up from the dock and you will come straight to the final Draugr Hole. Defeat The Hateful one final time to complete the Favour.

God Of War Ragnarok The Hateful: How To Beat

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The Hateful is an extremely powerful Draugr, so essentially a zombie. She is fast and agile, and some of her attacks do considerable damage. What's more, she never fights alone, bringing other Draugr with her to make your life harder. Between that, and the various locations you fight her in, the key to the fight is managing the situation.

For example, rushing into the first fight at the Watchtower is a quick and easy way to get yourself killed. The area is quite small, and with three Draugr rushing at you, one of them being a boss, you are likely to get overwhelmed. Instead, try to keep your distance and control the fight. Use the stairs down to the lower level to put some distance between you, and make the enemies come to you. Definitely focus on getting rid of the extra Draugr first, they only serve as distractions to let The Hateful catch you off guard.

Once you have the extra Draugr defeated, you can focus your efforts on The Hateful. She has a handful of attacks, but the majority of her attacks are regular, standard sword swipes. These can be blocked, and quite easily parried. Particularly once the other Draugr are dealt with, it is quite simple to back off, watch her attacks, and parry them.

The attacks you can't parry are easily dodged, but if they hit you they can set you on fire. She can throw fireballs, and also slam her axe into the ground, causing a wave of fire to erupt in a line. If these attacks hit you and burn you, you will lose a big chunk of your health over time. You need to dodge her fire attacks at all costs, particularly the unblockable ones.

So the overall strategy is to keep your distance, clear out the ads, dodge the unblockable attacks and fireballs, parry her regular attacks, and then get your hits in when she is stunned. Just keep whittling away at her and you shouldn't have much problem defeating The Hateful.

That is it for our God of War Ragnarok The Hateful guide. For more on the game, check out our God of War Ragnarok Mystical Heirloom guide.

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