How Long Is God Of War Ragnarok?

How Long Is God Of War Ragnarok?
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7th Nov 2022 18:12

God of War Ragnarok has officially been played to completion by various reviewers, soon to be joined by many players recieving their physical and digital pre-orders. Since the game's announcement back in 2020, fans have been wondering just how long the game will be - whether it will be just as, or even longer than God of War (2018). Let's get into answering the question, "how long is God of War Ragnarok?". 

How Long is God of War Ragnarok?

how long is god of war ragnarok?
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Courtesy of Forbes, who's said to have played the game to completion, God of War Ragnarok will take you around 20 hours if you're only planning on speedrunning through the main story. On what's determined as a "normal playthrough", played on "Give Me Balance" difficulty, completing most of the larger sidequests across most regions, God of War Ragnarok will take you around 30 hours

Now, for the completionists out there. It turns out that along with some side quests or collectables you might have missed before reaching the credits, there's some additional content that unlocks after beating the story - taking around 37 hours of playtime. Finally, for the 100% completionists, your playtime will be padded further if you're planning to see through absolutely everything God of War Ragnarok has to offer. Hunting for every single collectable, thwarting every endgame boss, and ticking off all of the combat challenges comes with an estimated playthrough of up to 45 hours altogether.

Although, depending on your own ability, whether you're using guides, and if you're playing on a higher or lower diffculty, these various playthrough styles may take even longer.

Comparatively, when looking at God of War (2018)'s stats on How Long To Beat, Ragnarok looks to take around the same number of hours for each style of playthrough. However, it is encouraged to take on as many of the sequel's side quests as possible - since they add a much richer experience overall - so it's best to a lot extra time if you want your first playthrough of God of War Ragnarok to be as fulfilling as possible. 

That's everything you need to know on our guide answering "how long is God of War Ragnarok?". Whilst you're here, why not find out whether GoW Ragnarok will be coming to PC? Better yet, check out the game's various performance modes to see if you can play it in 4K and 60FPS. 

For even more God of War Ragnarok guides, you can find them right here at GGRecon. 

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