God of War Ragnarok Performance Modes Explained

God of War Ragnarok Performance Modes Explained
Images via Sony Santa Monica

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Ben Williams


26th Oct 2022 10:50

Various graphics and performance options are almost guaranteed in new-generation console titles. Thankfully, God of War Ragnarok is no exception. Building up to its Friday, 9 November release, developer Sony Santa Monica has provided a full breakdown of the God of War Ragnarok performance modes - with variations between resolutions and framerate - for PS5, PS4 Pro, and the base PS4.

God of War Ragnarok Performance Modes Explained

As shared in Santa Monica Studio's tweet shown above, God of War Ragnarok comes with a variety of graphics options for both PS5 and PS4 consoles. Whether on PS5 you're prioritising high resolution, 60FPS, or even frame rates even higher, there's no need to worry as God of War Ragnarok appears to cover a wide manner of performance. Below, you'll find the frame rates available: 


  • Favours Quality: 2160P/4K resolution, targetting 30FPS
  • Favours Performance: 1440-2160, targetting 60FPS
  • Favours Quality + High Framerate: 1800-2160P, targetting 40FPS
  • Favours Performance + High Framerate: 1440p, unlocked 60FPS
  • Favours Performance + High Framerate + Variable Refresh Rate: 1800-2160p, unlocked 40FPS
  • Favours Performance + High Framerate + Variable Refresh Rate: 1440p, unlocked 60FPS


  • Favours Performance: 1080-1656p, unlocked 30FPS
  • Favours Quality: 1440-1656P, targetting 30FPS

PS4 (Base)

  • Standard: 1080p, targetting 30FPS


The higher frame rate versions of both Favours Quality and Favours Performance modes both require a 2.1 HDMI, as is expected with current-gen PS5 titles. You'll additionally need a VRR-capable TV for the modes including Variable Refresh Rate. The narrower range of graphics options for the PS4 PRO and base PS4 was to be expected, but it's still a nice surprise for last-gen players who own a PRO that they can get a resolution boost with added FPS stability. 

Those are all of the graphics modes covering God of War Ragnarok's various levels of performance! In a fast-paced title like Ragnarok, the options for higher frame rates are definitely recommended. However, if resolution is what you prioritise, you're definitely covered as well. 

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