MultiVersus Stripe Guide: Combos, Perks, Specials, And More

MultiVersus Stripe Guide: Combos, Perks, Specials, And More
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Dylan Tate


14th Oct 2022 10:44

The MultiVersus Stripe guide is now available as Gizmo’s archenemy has made his way into the game. As the MultiVersus Monster Mash event rages on, players who learn to master this villain may be able to earn Candy for themselves more quickly. For tips on how to excel during the game’s Halloween event, keep reading our MultiVersus Stripe guide.

MultiVersus Stripe Guide: Overview

Stripe throws a buzzsaw in MultiVersus.
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Stripe is classified as a Hybrid Assassin in MultiVersus. Some of his weaknesses include difficulty killing and slow start-up on many of his moves. Nevertheless, he has excellent combo potential, enabling him to hit hard when his attacks do land. Stripe especially thrives in 2v2s, where he has an easier time connecting his slower moves.

Stripe’s neutral game benefits from the use of buzzsaws, which he can throw with his grounded and aerial neutral-normals. While he has limited ammo that recharges over time, these buzzsaws are useful for setting up combos. He can also attach them to allies, causing them to spin around the ally, or throw them along the ground and have them ride up or down walls to catch recovering opponents.

Meanwhile, Stripe also has a passive ability called Grudgeholder. Thanks to this ability, Stripe applies the unique Targeted debuff to any opponent he hits with a melee attack. This debuff, which impacts Stripe’s neutral-special, can only be applied to one enemy at a time.


MultiVersus Stripe Guide: Specials

Stripe uses his aerial side-special in MultiVersus.
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In MultiVersus, Stripe uses Sharpshooter as both his grounded and aerial neutral-special. With it, he uses a gun that has limited ammo and short range to shoot nearby enemies. However, if he has Targeted an enemy, then this attack will automatically target them regardless of their distance. 

Stripe’s grounded side-special is Savage Tricks, which causes him to charge up then shoot forward on a skateboard. Inputting the move a second time causes him to perform a kickflip attack. Meanwhile, Stripe’s aerial side-special is Chain(saw) Reaction. This move causes him to leap forward while carrying a chainsaw, dealing massive amounts of damage and knockback to any opponent he hits. 

With his up-special, Ride ‘Em, Cowboy, Stripe swipes upward to damage opponents. He can also angle this attack to make it more horizontal. Stripe can use this move to bounce off of enemy projectiles, completely negating them. This even applies to heavy projectiles.

In addition, Ride ‘Em, Cowboy’s in-game description says it can allow Stripe to attach himself to enemies, although it did not actually have the ability to do so at launch. Assuming this ability is added in a future update, players will be able to press any attack button to deal damage to opponents that Stripe is attached to.

Finally, Stripe’s down-special is Dynamite Boom. Using it causes Stripe to pull out a bundle of dynamite while inputting it again will cause the dynamite to explode. This explosion deals damage and knockback to both Stripe and his enemies, along with applying the Ignited debuff to everyone hit. However, Stripe is also able to pick the direction that the dynamite will launch him, allowing him to deal further damage and set himself up for follow-ups. This move operates on a cooldown. 

MultiVersus Stripe Guide: Perks

Stripe's perk list in MultiVersus
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Stripe has access to three signature perks in MultiVersus. With Boom, Boom, Bounce!, Stripe will create a second explosion if he uses his down-special to launch himself into a floor, wall, or ceiling. Meanwhile, He’s The Leader gives Stripe extra distance and a brief speed boost when he bounces off of an opponent’s projectile. 

Finally, Feeding After Midnight will allow Stripe to cleanse himself of debuffs and apply those debuffs to an enemy whenever he attaches to them with his up-special. However, the trade-off is that Stripe will incur the effects of debuffs for longer if he is unable to cleanse them.

Fitting his status as an Assassin, Stripe benefits from a line-up of three Offense perks. Painted Target allows him to deal extra damage to enemies who are already in hitstun, while Shirt Cannon Sniper adds extra damage to his projectiles that hit far-away victims. Both of these perks synergize well with his Sharpshooter attack. Finally, That’s Flammable, Doc! enables him to Ignite enemies after hitting them with a projectile, which he can do easily with his buzzsaw combo set-ups. 

MultiVersus Stripe Guide: Combos

Stripe uses his neutral-special in MultiVersus.
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Using his grounded or aerial neutral-normal, Stripe can lock his opponents into hitstun with a buzzsaw in MultiVersus. Afterwards, he can follow-up with a forward-air to try to force his opponent off-stage. This is a great position for Stripe, since down-air is his strongest and fastest kill move.

Stripe can also start combos off of his down-special if he is able to follow his opponent’s knockback influence. In particular, these can lead to kills at high percents. And, if all else fails, Stripe’s neutral-special coupled with his Grudgeholder ability ensures that he can get a free follow-up after literally any melee attack.

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Dylan Tate is an alumnus of the Hussman School of Journalism and Media at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is a gaming journalist with a love for Nintendo esports, particularly Super Smash Bros. and Pokémon.

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