How To Get Gleamium In MultiVersus

How To Get Gleamium In MultiVersus
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28th Jul 2022 13:02

MultiVersus Gleamium is the game’s premium currency that is vital for purchasing cosmetics like alternate skins, knockout animations, announcer voices and more, but it can also be a great way to unlock new characters if you don't want to grind for Gold. MultiVersus has seen an influx of players thanks to the open beta which began on July 26, meaning you may want to set yourself apart in this platform fighter. So check out how to get Gleamium in MultiVersus, along with what its purposes are. 

How To Get Gleamium In MultiVersus

How To Get Gleamium In MultiVersus
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Gleamium is the premium currency of MultiVersus, meaning you cannot earn it from playing the game at all. There are only two methods to acquire Gleamium right now, which is purchasing it from the in-game store - or the store of the platform you are playing on - and purchasing one of the Founder's Packs.


The in-game store offers 450 Gleamium for £3.99, maxing out at 6000 for £39.99. The standard edition of the Founder's Pack gives you 300 Gleamium, the deluxe gives you 1000, and the premium edition nets you 2500. It's possible that future versions of the battle pass, or special events could allow players to get Gleamium without explicitly paying, but this is unknown at the moment. 

Gleamium is primarily used for purchasing different cosmetics that aren't unlocked by alternate means, such as skins, announcers, ring-outs, stickers, and taunts. They also provide another way to purchase fighters instead of grinding out games for Gold.

That's all for our breakdown of how to get Gleamium in MultiVersus, and now you know what purpose it has, along with how to buy it. 

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