MultiVersus Batman combos, perks and specials

MultiVersus Batman combos, perks and specials
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Dylan Tate & Tarran Stockton

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30th May 2024 12:00

Playing Batman in any game is fun, but in MultiVersus you'll need to take the time to master his various moves, combos, and specials to make the most of the Caped Crusader.

The game takes the Smash Bros. platform fighter style of gameplay and infuses it with some of the most famous and iconic characters in the modern media landscape. Learn all about how to master Batman below.

Batman moves list

Attack Ground Effect Air Effect
Standard Attack Batarang - Throw a Batarang at an enemy that then returns. Aerial Batarang - Throw a Batarang in the air.
Side Attack Bat-Combo - A combo of punches that ends with an uppercut. Bat-Strike - Charge a forward hit, then press input again to rush forward.
Up Attack Clear the Air - Charge an overhead hit. Flying Uppercut - Charge an upward hit.
Down Attack Bat-Slide - Slide and attack. Input again for a kick. Bat-Kick - A downward kick.

Batman specials list

Batman uses his down-special in MultiVersus.
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Special Attack Ground Effect Air Effect
Standard Special Bat-Bomb - Equip a bomb and hit an enemy to attach it. The explosion launches the fighter upwards. Same
Side Special Bat-Grapple - Aim and fire grappling gun, pulling Batman to the destination and hitting fighters along the way. Same
Up Special Rising Bat - Charge an uppercut and launch into the air. Rapid Rising Bat - Launch further into the air with an uppercut.
Down Special Smoke Bomb - Detonate a smoke bomb to envelope everyone nearby in smoke. Crashing Justice - Kick down and slam to the ground.

Batman combos

As a Vertical fighter in MultiVersus, Batman likes bouncing his opponents into the air and comboing them vertically. While a bit difficult to land, a low-to-the-ground down-air on stage can do just that, allowing Batman to follow up with a string of grounded up-normals, up-airs, and up-specials.

Batman lands an up-special in MultiVersus.
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Meanwhile, the Batarang can set up combos from a distance. After hitting an opponent with the Batarang, Batman can rush in with a forward air, then transition into a grounded side-normal combo, potentially ending with an up-normal finisher to start further aerial juggling.

Batman perks

Batman's perk list in MultiVersus.
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Perk Effect
Bouncerang Hitting an enemy with a returning Batarang will apply additional stacks of weakened.
Precision Grapple The grappling hook reels in faster and causes a powerful blast when arriving at the destination.

Batman’s natural perk progression does not include any Defense perks. Instead, the character relies more so on Offense and Utility perks that promote a more aggressive playstyle.

With the Offense perk Hit ‘Em While They’re Down, Batman deals 10% extra damage to debuffed enemies. This synergizes well with the Batarang, which is already an important part of his kit.

In addition, Batman’s two recommended Utility perks are Gravity Manipulation and Aerial Acrobat.

Gravity Manipulation increases Batman’s fast fall speed by 10%. Since he is so light, this can help him quickly get out of the air, where he is often at risk of dying to a strong upward attack. Meanwhile, Aerial Acrobat increases his air acceleration by 10%, further improving his aerial movement.

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