MultiVersus Black Adam Guide: Combos, Perks, Specials, And More

MultiVersus Black Adam Guide: Combos, Perks, Specials, And More
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3rd Nov 2022 10:03

The MultiVersus Black Adam guide is here as this DC antihero has become the latest playable character to join the game. Arriving on the tail end of the MultiVersus Monster Mash, Black Adam came with many unique quirks that make him stand out compared to the rest of the MultiVersus cast. For tips on how to take advantage of his strengths and compensate for his weaknesses, keep reading our MultiVersus Black Adam guide.

MultiVersus Black Adam Guide: Overview

Black Adam uses his grounded up-normal in MultiVersus.
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Black Adam is a Bruiser who specializes in dishing out damage in MultiVersus. As a Hybrid fighter, he can find ways to combo opponents both vertically and horizontally. While many of his moves are difficult to land due to their slow start-up, Black Adam can function as a stock tank because he has one of the best recoveries in the game.

He is also a tricky-to-use Expert character. Although he doesn’t have a passive ability, many of his normal attacks have secondary effects typically reserved for special moves. For example, his grounded neutral-normal applies the Shocked debuff to enemies, dealing passive damage to them over time. In addition, his grounded down-normal has limited, rechargeable ammo and his grounded up-normal produces a lightning bolt that operates on a cooldown.

MultiVersus Black Adam Guide: Specials

Black Adam bounces his side-special projectile off of his down-special forcefield in MultiVersus.
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Black Adam’s grounded neutral-special in MultiVersus is called Aton’s Havoc. He shoots out a lightning beam that has multiple hits and applies Shocked to opponents. Whenever it hits a target, it will launch a secondary bolt if another target is nearby. Black Adam can charge this attack to extend its distance and can slightly angle its trajectory.

Aton’s Havoc will apply Electrified to allies, causing their next attack to deal Shocked. This move can also stop heavy projectiles and destroy light projectiles. In addition, the move will similarly seek nearby enemies and create a chain attack if it hits an ally or heavy projectile. 

In the air, Black Adam’s neutral-special is Mehen’s Blessing. With it, he draws all reflectable projectiles on the field toward himself. He and his allies can then reflect those projectiles by hitting them. A cooldown applies for both versions of Black Adam’s neutral-special.

His grounded side-special, Zehuti’s Foresight, and his aerial side-special, Zehuti’s Vision, have the same effect. Black Adam dashes forward and creates a lightning orb projectile that follows behind him shortly afterward. While he can always perform the dash portion of the move, the projectile functions on an ammo system.

Similarly, Black Adam’s grounded up-special, Heru’s Flight, is identical to his aerial up-special, Heru’s Recovery. This move enables Black Adam to fly in any direction for a limited time as long as he holds the special button. It is similar to Iron Giant’s jump, although Black Adam has two separate meters for each of his aerial special usages.

Black Adam’s grounded down-special is Shu’s Protection. He creates an electric forcefield that pushes enemies away. Opponents’ projectiles cannot enter into this forcefield. In addition, he can bounce the projectile from his side-special off of this forcefield. This move operates on a cooldown and the forcefield will disappear if it takes enough damage or if enough time has passed.

Finally, Black Adam’s aerial down-special is known as Amon’s Wrath. He fires two electric projectiles in quick succession at a diagonal downward angle. While this attack is a useful combo tool, it has a short range.

MultiVersus Black Adam Guide: Perks

Black Adam's perk list in MultiVersus.
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Black Adam has two signature perks in MultiVersus. Circuit Breaker causes him to deal extra damage to opponents he has applied Shocked to. Meanwhile, The Hierarchy of Power causes the lightning bolt he summons with his grounded up-normal to fall on his ally rather than himself.

For his Offense perk, Black Adam benefits from I’ll Take That. It gives him a cooldown refund of a quarter of a second any time he hits a debuffed opponent. As a result, it pairs well with Circuit Breaker, since both encourage him to go on the offensive against Shocked enemies.

Black Adam’s recommended Utility perk is Last Stand. This causes him to deal more damage if he has taken more than 100 damage, which Black Adam should have no trouble doing thanks to his survivability. Finally, the Defense perk Boundless Energy aids his defence and movement by giving him a 10% faster dodge invulnerability recharge.

MultiVersus Black Adam Guide: Combos

Black Adam use his down-air in MultiVersus.
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Down-air is one of Black Adam’s fastest moves, making it a viable combo starter in MultiVersus. However, it sends at a diagonal angle rather than straight down like most other down-airs, meaning he must be prepared to chase down his opponent to get a follow-up.

The crux of Black Adam’s combo games involves stringing together hits of his projectiles, which tend to be quick and deal little knockback, before finishing with one of his slower kill moves. His grounded side-normal is also an interesting part of his combo game.

If he is facing the ledge, his grounded side-normal will cause him to throw his opponent back toward centre stage, allowing him to follow up with something like a down-air or forward-air. Conversely, if he is facing toward centre stage, this attack will cause him to throw his opponent off-stage, enabling him to set up edgeguards at higher percents.

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